A Step by Step Guide to Eyelash Tinting for the First Timers

Every first timer, regardless of the age, feels a bit jittery when they opt for eyelash tinting for the first time. Hence, it is important for them to know about the steps that they will go through, during a professional lash tinting session. 

Step 1: Removing the makeup 

This is the first and foremost step or stage of an ideal lash tinting session in Liverpool or Lash Tinting Liverpool or anywhere else. The expert, before starting the tinting process, will remove every makeup from the eyebrows. Even the face needs to be washed properly to ensure there is no makeup on the face. 

Step 2: Choosing the colour

Once the makeup has been completely removed, it’s not the time to opt for choosing the right colour. You must choose the colour that is darker than the shade of your hair. Also, ensure that the shade you choose for the lash tinting session in Sydney or elsewhere that gels with your face, the shape and the depth of your eyes and your personality trait. 

Step 3: Preparing the tinting mixture

Next, after you have chosen the right colour, it is now the turn of the beautician to step in and prepare the shade for your eyebrow. They would generally take a mixing glass, and pour the colour into it. Now they will take the 3% creamy developer and pour it into the colour and mix it properly. Generally the proportion of the developer and the dye is equal. They are 50:50 in terms of ratio. 

Step 4: Applying Petroleum Jelly on the eyebrow

Thereafter, the professional will apply petroleum jelly on the eyebrow. The lash tinting specialists in Canley Vale would do so to avoid any irritation. Well, you may skip this step if you are confident that you do not feel any irritation, but there are many who face it. Hence, to be on safer side, this can be done. 

Step 5: Applying the Mixture 

The next step involves application of the mixture on the eyelash along with the brows. They specialists would use a specially designed brush, which will help them to apply the mixture in a perfect and professional way, nicely and uniformly on the eyebrows and lashes. 

Well, you may also ask for the use of mascara brush by the specialist. Or you can opt for tinting brush. Our experts would feel that mascara brush is a much better option for the eyelashes and the tinting brush is best for the eyebrows. 

Step 6: Waiting 

This is the last and obvious step. The experts would advise you to stay back in our salon for at least 10 to 15 minutes, till the mixture takes its fullest effect. Once done, you can see for yourself, the magic of eyelash tinting in Fairfield or elsewhere. 

Thus, in order to get the best eyelash tinting, you need to get to us at Browz and Beauty by Usha. To book an appointment, and to know more about eyelash tinting call us at 1300122522 or 0450 750 522 during our business hours. 

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