Busting 6 Popular Myths About Waxing and Hair Regrowth

If you are scared of waxing, you might have experienced two things. The first is the side effect, and the second is a piece of information that has contributed to the development of the notion that waxing can cause ill effects on your skin.

Today, we will be specifically focusing on the second point. There are several myths regarding waxing and they are very popular. So, today we will be debunking them so that you can get rid of the fear and consult with a beautician in Sydney or the suburb where you are situated.

Myth 1: Only Long Hair Can Be Waxed

Though the ideal waxing length is between 0.5 cm to 1.5 cm, in reality, hair that is even shorter, such as those with 1mm can also be waxed with the right tools and solution. However, the process can be painstaking and might not fetch the right results. But the fact that only long hair can be removed is a myth.

If your hair’s too long, the wax cannot adhere to your skin, and hence, all hair cannot be properly removed. Moreover, the process can become painful. So, if you are planning to book a hair removal service in Wetherill Park, Sydney or any of the other suburbs, make sure your hair is not too long or short and is in the ideal length.

Myth 2: Too Much Waxing Makes Skin Thin

The next myth that we are going to bust is that waxing too much can make your skin thin and saggy!

The reality is that waxing does not pull your skin even if the process is painful. What happens is that the epidermis is removed which does not, in any way, cause the muscle to sag. So, you can boldly book a hair removal appointment in a waxing salon in Sydney or in the suburb where you are situated.

Myth 3: Waxing Makes Hair Thinner

Another widely popular myth is that waxing makes hair thinner. But in reality, this is not the case.

If you have normal or decent hair growth, you can experience the same volume of hair when it grows back to a certain length. However, some people might experience a reduction of growth after waxing since hair is being removed from the roots. But this should not be a concern.

Myth 4: Waxing Cures the Ingrown Hair Problem

Waxing does eliminate ingrown hairs but it cannot completely eliminate ingrown hairs since some people are more prone to them. Nevertheless, if you have ingrown hairs, you should still go for a waxing service in Green Valley or the Sydney suburb where you are.

When you have smooth and radiant skin free of hair, you will naturally look attractive.

Myth 5: Waxing Is Best Suited for Younger Women

This is surely a myth worth discussing because this is entirely false.

Women of any age can go for the wax to enhance their appearance. But since the skin starts to sag with age, it is important to book an appointment with a trained aesthetician having the expertise of removing hair from skin that has become saggy or is a bit rough.

Myth 6: You Get Wrinkles From Waxing

Definitely a myth.

Waxing, by no means, creates wrinkles on the skin. So, you better not worry about this false fact. Just go ahead and book the hair removal service in Hoxton Park or the Sydney suburb where you are situated.

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