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How to Care for Your Skin Post Eyebrow Threading?

Eyebrow threading is a great alternative to waxing and tweezing as it redefines your facial appearance and removes stray hair from brow lines, thereby giving your eyebrows a more defined and precise shape. The process of eyebrow threading is not that complex to cause any injury or harm to your skin, however, a few aftercare tips can help you maintain your eyebrows in top shape without any skin irritation. Take a sneak peek at this post to explore more.

Avoid Facial Cleaners or Makeup for a Day

Eyebrow threading doesn’t always fetch the risk of skin irritations, itchiness or redness but there’s no harm in being extra protective towards your skin by giving up on cleaners or makeup around your eyebrows for a day. This will allow your skin enough time to breathe and lower chances of inflammatory reactions that may occur due to wrong skincare products. If you are dealing with aging skin, you should highly avoid using exfoliating products or anti-ageing creams at least for 72 hours to avoid causing harm to your skin.

Deal with Redness Properly

A minor redness isn’t uncommon after eyebrow threading in Wetherill Park but if it remains for a few hours, you should treat it properly to avoid settling it over on your skin. The best way to minimise redness is by cooling your brow area with an icepack immediately after threading. Cold compress the area for a few minutes and see if it helps in curbing the burning sensation. Soothing rosewater or aloe vera gel can also help in easing inflammation and redness to a considerable extent.

Avoid Direct Sun Exposure

Whether you have normal skin or a sensitive one, experts offering eyebrow threading in Liverpool always recommend avoiding sun exposure immediately after plucking your brows. That’s because harmful UV rays can affect your skin badly and form rashes which might be difficult to treat later. Avoid going out in sun for the first two hours and even if you wish to, apply good quality sunscreen all over your face. This will protect your skin from further damage and help you maintain your eyebrows in good shape.

Never Tweeze Between Appointments

If you think tweezing can help in lowering pain during threading or reduce the necessity of booking appointments for brow threading in Liverpool frequently, you are highly mistaken. Tweezing or shaving eyebrows in between appointments can lead to ingrown hair and break the stray hair rather than pulling it out from the root, which can make your eyebrows look improper and messier. Stay away from razors and opt for a touch-up after 2 weeks to keep your eyebrows looking sharp, clean and defined. 

Don’t Touch Your Eyebrows with Dirty Hands

You may be tempted to touch your eyebrows post threading but it may lead to infections and rashes you might be unaware of. Resist your temptation for a few hours to prevent transfer of oil from hands to your brow lines. Undergoing threading from an eyebrow salon in Wetherill Park open up pores and oil from palms may clog these pores and lead to skin breakouts or infections. Even if you have the habit of touching eyebrows frequently, stay away from it to prevent causing further damage to your skin.

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