How To Treat the Bumps That Take Place After Hair Removal?

Bumps after hair removal generally occur due to stress on the skin. Though they clear up in just a few days, it is best to follow a few steps that can ensure rapid healing of the same. But if you are wondering how you should treat them if you are in Sydney and its surrounding suburbs, you will need to go through the rest of the points. 

  • Apply Cool Compress Right After a Wax

Since these small bumps that are appearing on your skin are folliculitis, which is actually a type of infection, you need to take the right measures as treatment.

After completion of waxing in Sydney or its other suburbs, you should apply a cool compress to the area where you are noticing the bumps. For this, you will only need a clean cloth and some ice. However, another way to treat these small reddish bumps is to take a cool shower. This will instantly reduce the irritation.

  • Continue Wearing Loose Fitting Clothes

Before heading to the waxing salon in Sydney or any of its surrounding suburbs, you were wearing loose fitting clothes as the aesthetician recommended. But after the procedure, if you are experiencing the same, you should continue wearing loose fitting clothes since they help your skin breathe. Thus, your skin will form less sweat and there will be fewer chances of allergies. In fact, this will not only help reduce the bumps but will also make you comfortable.

  • Do Not Apply Lotions and Creams

The red bumps occurring after the completion of the hair removal service in Sydney or its surrounding suburbs can exacerbate if you apply lotions and creams that cause allergies.

If you have sensitive skin, you should keep off from using these creams because they will cause redness. In fact, these bumps after waxing are mostly seen in people having sensitive skin.

  • Application of Cortisone Cream Can Help

If you notice the red bumps after a hair removal service in Wetherill Park or other Sydney suburbs, you can use a cortisone cream to treat the same. However, since this is a medication, you should take advice from your aesthetician before you apply the same or better stick to the one that the beautician has suggested if you want to achieve the best results.

  • Try To Keep The Perspiration Reduced

Even if you do not develop the red bumps, you should keep the perspiration reduced after the waxing session. This will help you avoid discomfort and might even help prevent the occurrence of these red bumps altogether. 

Avoid heading out to the sun or performing heavy activities for at least 24 hours after completion of waxing.

  • Apply Mild Gels

You can apply mild gels to treat the red bumps after taking up hair removal in Liverpool or other Sydney suburbs.

Some of these gels include aloe vera or other similar products for the best results.

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