Some Must Know Points About Facial During Pregnancy

Pregnancy brings in a lot of changes in a mother’s body – both externally as well as internally. Yes, pregnancy is treated as a blissful experience. Yet, a series of hormonal changes and change in dietary habits and lifestyle can take a toll on the would-be mother. These changes are at times reflected on the face in the form of dark circles, oily or extremely dry skin, raches, flaky skin, pimples and the likes. 

Under these circumstances, it is always a good idea to undergo facial treatment and it will help the skin to regain its natural health and glow. Thus, if you are expecting, it is always a good idea to visit a reputed salon that offers high quality facial treatment in Sydney, or where your location is

Is Facial Treatment Safe During Pregnancy? 

Yes it is, provided that it is a basic facial treatment, which does not involve usage of harsh chemicals or heat therapy. Basic facials are considered a stress buster and will keep your skin fresh and glowing. 

Remember, your skin will absorb anything that is applied on it. Thus, when you apply harsh chemicals, they pass through the skin pores and enter your circulatory system and eventually reach the foetal bloodstream. That can be highly dangerous for your unborn baby. 

Why is facial beneficial in Pregnancy? 

When you have your facial done during pregnancy, it will put an end to the monotony of your gestation period, and will give you some ‘time-for-yourself’. It will help you pamper your skin and rejuvenate your face skin and leave you relaxed. The best facial specialists in Sydney will help you get rid of the heat rashes and dark circles, and help you tone down your oily or dry skin. Mild, chemical free facial will help you uplift your mood and imbibe in you a sense of confidence and ‘feel good’ factor that is so crucial during the gestation period. 

What are the Best Pregnancy Facials? 

The best forms of facials that you can go for during pregnancy include: 

  • Oxygen facial: This particular facial regulates as well as improves blood circulation, thereby helping reduce wrinkles. 
  • Deep Cleansing facial: This facial comes in handy if you have acne. It basically involves gengle massage, extraction and exfoliation. All these are absolutely safe during pregnancy.
  • Hydrating facial: This will help if you have got dry skin, as this will moisturise the skin. 

However, have these facials done by the best facial specialist in Bonnyrigg and that also after consultation with your doctor. 

Things to Avoid During Pregnancy

While it is safe to have the fundamental facial done during pregnancy, there are certain treatments that you need to avoid at all costs during pregnancy. They include: 

  • Tightening pores and blackhead extraction 
  • Chemical masks and peels
  • Long massage sessions 
  • Heat or steam treatment

Even if you opt for herbal or organic facial, you must make sure there is no such ingredient involved that can cause you allergy. Remember, allergy or any skin ailment during pregnancy can be disastrous. Hence, never opt for a soy-based component, which may cause any skin irritation. That is the reason, you must opt for a reputed salon that offers absolutely safe facials in Liverpool, which will do no harm during this very special phase of your life. 

What better salon can you think of than Browz and Beauty by Usha, if you are in and around Sydney? Call us now to fix an appointment and know more about facials during pregnancy from our experts.

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