The Most Happening Eyebrow Tinting Trends in 2022

Styling trends change ahead of time. That’s what the experts say. Thus every year brings in new styling trends in different forms for the style divas to pick them up and rejuvenate their looks and personality. Take for instance, eyebrow tinting.

The COVID 19 pandemic may have slowed down this change in trends, but was unable to stoop it. Now that the end of the pandemic is in sight with the number of active cases starting to take a dip, the advent of new trends in eyebrow tinting has taken its full flow. Here we are, hence, discussing the most happening trends of eyebrow tinting in Sydney that are rolicking the stylers.

The Straight Eyebrow

As the name suggests, these eyebrows come with least curvature and are straightish in looks. With lack of increased curvature, they add a distinctive character to the face, thereby incorporating a new dimension to the personality trait. The most amazing feature of these eyebrows is that they are good for every face, regardless of the chin shape, skin complexion, hair colour and style. A number of customers visiting us for brow tinting in Liverpool are vouching for this type these days.

Brow Lightening

Brow lightening was the hottest trend when COVID 19 struck two Autumns back. Surprisingly, this style of eyebrow tinting has picked up right from where it was in March of 2020 at the start of the pandemic. Brow lighting will relieve you of the stubbornness of your face, if you are tired of it. It gives your face a glow that will make your presence a bit lighter, and that glow will reflect on your personality and psyche, making you look and feel more charming.

Higher Arches

This is another extremely popular version of eyebrow, which the stylers like these days. With higher arch, they give the eyes and their surrounding areas a much needed ‘breathing space’, which adds a new dimension to the looks and personality.  Of late, the fashionistas, in their attempt to pair their newer attires with their look and personality, would opt for this type of Brow Tinting in Sydney.

The Natural Flair

More and more women are vouching for natural eyebrows. With just a formidably lined edged ‘done’ by the professionals with the use of stencils for keeping things even. This adds a natural flair to the personality, which keeps the appeal neutral, but still  adding an x-factor that makes all the difference.

The 90’s Brow  

This is another highly fashionable eyebrow tinting option that the women of today are opting for, these days. As the name suggests, it gives you some reprieve to look back to the bygone era and add a retro element to your looks. A fitting attire and the hairstyle will make you look like a perfect diva of the 90s with this type of eyebrow tinting.

Thus, you need to turn to a reputed name, if you are to do some experimentation with your eyebrow tinting, and spruce up your personality. What better name should you look for Browz and Beauty by Usha if you are in and around Sydney? Call us now to book an appointment.

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