Types of Eyelash Extensions that Can Enhance Your Beauty

If you want your eyes to define you, getting an eyelash extension can be a good idea. It really helps in enhancing the beauty and is hence a fantastic makeover solution. But if you are wondering about the types of extensions that are available, the points mentioned here will give you a good idea. And with this knowledge, you can opt for the right type of eyelash in the Sydney salon or the Liverpool suburb.

Let us now delve into the variety of available extensions.

  • Animal Fur Extensions

Though these are rarely available, some salons still use these eyelash extensions. These products are mainly made from minks and the producers claim that they are made while avoiding harm to the minks. But a better alternative is the products that imitate the original ones. Also, these eyelash extensions are easily available in Sydney, apart from the salons in Liverpool that have a good reputation. So, you will not face any issues if you are looking for artificial ones. 

  • Artificial Eyelash Extensions

As we just mentioned, this is a good alternative to the ones that are made from minks. These eyelashes are synthetic but they do not harm the eyes and neither do they look dull. Rather, they are thin and look more natural due to their glossiness. Besides, they are water-resistant and are available in various shapes and forms.

  • Extensions Made from Silk

These eyelashes are semi-matte and can enhance your looks dramatically. This is because they are thick and there is increased spacing between each lash. For this reason, they look as if they are made from silk. But in reality, they aren’t. They are just made from synthetic products. However, they are durable and gentle on the eyes. You won’t face skin or eye irritation or damages done by water. So, if you want a bold look, getting this type of eyelash extension in Liverpool or a Sydney salon can be a good option.

  • Sable Eyelashes

These rare eyelash extensions that are made out of sable fur. They are also rare but are not free of animal cruelty. For this reason, only a handful of salons around the world perform application of these eyelash extensions. However, experts do not recommend these eyelashes not only due to animal cruelty but also their fragility and lack of water resistance. Thus, even if you get these extensions, they won’t last long.

  • Natural Eyelash Extensions

Among the most popular Sydney eyelash extensions, the ones made from natural hair can look fantastic on you. They are durable and can look pretty exquisite. However, artificial ones such as silk extensions are more preferred due to their water resistance.

  • Volume Eyelashes 

These are custom-made eyelashes applied by aestheticians in reputed salons. They create a fan of a few thin eyelashes to create a voluminous line that adds fullness and depth to your eyes.

So, these are a few products that can be categorised under Sydney as well as the Liverpool eyelash extensions group.

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