We use an antibacterial threading cotton from India that is specifically designed and
manufactured for threading.
Threading is a beauty service and once the hair is removed there is an open follicle,
so it is essential that this is protected from infection and using regular sewing cotton
that is not manufactured for a beauty services does not do this.
Women: Full face, eyebrows, sides of face, chin, lip, forehead.

Men: Eyebrows…..we call them ‘guybrows’.

There are a variety of reasons why people cannot wax with one of these reasons being they are on acne medication or creams. With approval from your skin specialist or doctor you are usually able to have threading procedures performed as you are not doing any damage to the skins surface.
The Browz and Beauty’s technique is less painful and is based on traditional techniques but has been perfected in various ways. Our artists know not one but three to five different techniques and only use antibacterial threading cotton which makes a big difference in the service. They are also trained with specialty ‘eyebrow expert’ knowledge on how to shape an eyebrow according to your face and eye shape and use specialty shaping tools for this service.
Eyebrow Threading takes approx 10-20 minutes depending if a total shape is
required Lip,Chin or Forehead Threading 5 minutes Sides of Face Threading 10-15 minutes Full Face Threading 30-45 minutes GuyBrows 5 minutes
Threading and waxing are both forms of epilation which means that if performed correctly the entire hair is removed from the hair follicle.

The main differences between the two techniques is threading is 100% natural whereas wax contains chemicals and additives when produced. With threading the cotton rolls across the skin and no damage to the epidermal layers of skin occurs while wax is applied and adheres to the skin and the top layers of the skin are therefore removed as well.

In regards to eyebrow shaping, threading is extremely accurate as one hair or a line of hair can be removed whereas with waxing it is impossible to achieve that same level of accuracy.

Eyelash Extensions
For sure, you will need a patch test if you have not had lash extensions before and also if you have not done them for a few months.
Yes you can if you need to, but then again question is what type of Mascara should you use? We recommend to use water base mascara.
No, when it is done by professionally trained technician and properly applied, lash extensions should never hurt. Extensions are applied to your natural lashes, not touching the skin, so you shouldn’t feel any pain.
With proper care, your extensions will last up to 4-6 weeks. You should expect to shed most of them throughout the growth cycle of your natural lashes. Typically, clients get infills every 2-3 weeks, however some clients prefer to replace their full set every 4-6 weeks.
Lash & Brow Tinting
It is indeed.! But, like anything else you apply typically to your skin, there will always be the possibility of a reaction. So, if you have history of sensitivity around the eyes, a patch test is the best way to determine if you will react to the dye or not.
We advise our clients to expect their lash or brow tint to last between 3 to 5 weeks. Hair Colour, texture, and age can all effect the longevity of the treatment. We suggest a monthly appointment routine to keep you looking and feeling your best.
Clean brows will ensure the tint can absorb properly. Do wash your face and shower after eyebrow tinting. Try to avoid applying oil based products directly on your eyebrows or using harsh face washes that will lighten the tint more quickly Don’t hit the beach or go to swimming after eyebrow tinting.