Pharo Sugaring Green Valley

Pharo Sugaring Hair Removal in Green Valley

Browz and Beauty by Usha is one of the most trustworthy names with some of the most experienced specialists who have years of experience in conducting hair removal service for women through pharo sugaring in Green Valley!

What is sugaring?

If you are toying with the idea of having your unwanted hair removed without the use of a razor, there are a number of options to try out. There is traditional waxing, laser removal, threading and then…there is PHARO SUGARING!!

As the name implies, it is the removal of hairs with the use of sugar, something that is far less uncomfortable than waxing.

At Browz and Beauty by Usha, our hair removal specialists would prepare a biodegradable and hypoallergenic solution, made from sugar, water, and lemon to carry out the hair removal process. Since it is made up of organic ingredients, it is absolutely safe for use for any type of skin. As it is made up of ingredients that make hair removal painless compared to waxing, it carries another benefit. Be it women’s pharo sugaring in Green Valley it is a much faster process. This is mainly because unlike wax, the solution is water-soluble.

How does it work?
Are you still wondering how rubbing sugar on our skin will help you get rid of the unwanted hairs?

Well then, here is how it works for you.

Firstly, for the sugaring to take effect and work properly, you need to grow an adequate length of your hair. Ideally, our specialists would recommend one-eighth or one-fourth of an inch of stubble for our sugary solution to adhere properly to your skin.

Moreover, the method that is followed to apply the paste and to remove it is crucial in proving the efficacy of the process. Only when it is done correctly, will the sugaring work in comprehensive removal of the hairs from their very root.

That is the reason, you must visit an experienced salon that has been conducting removal of hair by pharo sugaring for years. What better name can you turn to, than Browz and Beauty by Usha? For further details about the process and to book an appointment CONTACT US now and have a look and feel that everyone will pamper!