7 Incredible Facts About Eyebrow Threading You Hardly Knew Before!

A common misconception that eyebrow threading hurts is a potential reason that holds people back from booking an appointment. Unlike tweezing, eyebrow threading in Wetherill Park is way more effective in removing unwanted hair follicles with the use of antibacterial thread and getting perfect shape according to your facial appearance. If you have been a victim of this misbelief and didn’t get your eyebrows threaded before, this blog is a MUST-READ.

Facts about Eyebrow Threading You Should Know

Even though eyebrow threading has gained immense popularity over the years, the practice is still a NO-NO to many. While some amateurs consider it to be more painful than waxing, others prefer getting their eyebrows threaded for flaunting their looks. This blog aims to provide you with some interesting facts about this practice and the reasons why you should go for it.

Quick & Safe Hair Removal Technique

Eyebrow threading is a quick process of eliminating unwanted hair from brow lines. Whether you have sensitive or aging skin, salon professionals know the pain-free techniques for eyebrow threading in Sydney and help you get the desired shape you craved for long. Instead of sitting for hours or dealing with the mess of waxing, you can quickly get celeb-style eyebrows in just 10 minutes. And what if your eyebrows are well-shaped? You can expect even less time than usual.

Costs Same as Waxing

Eyebrow threading is comparatively cheaper than waxing when the cost factor is concerned. Luckily, if you plan to switch from waxing to threading, this can be a smart move. Whereas basic eyebrow waxing costs a few dollars, eyebrow threading costs a few bucks and helps you get the desired shape in no to less time.

Maintenance is Easier

Whereas tweezing carries the risk of pulling shorter hair and partly grown follicles, threading removes unwanted hair seamlessly at one go. You don’t have to whip out tweezers or apply touch-ups every week. Instead, you can schedule an appointment once at a reputed salon and get brow threading in Sydney with least fuss.

Ideal for Sensitive Skin

Threading is an ideal option for people having sensitive skin. This is because threads come in less contact with the skin as it simply glides over the skin and removes hair seamlessly. Whereas most waxes contain preservatives, resins and fragrances, threads are ideally a cotton string that eliminates hair follicles without harming skin.

Good for Facial Hair Removal

Threading is a gentle hair removal technique as it doesn’t involve chemicals and serves as an exfoliant, thereby an ideal choice for facial hair removal. Unlike any other hair removal process, threading doesn’t rip hair from the top layer of skin and is unlikely to cause an abrupt breakout.

Defines Your Eyebrows with a Precise Finish

Eyebrow threading is all about getting a precise finish. The salon experts tease out the tiniest of hair to help you get the arch-shaped brows. As cotton string grabs every hair, chances of broken hair strands are relatively less. Additionally, you can thread one hair at a time, thereby get well-defined eyebrows like never before! 

Browz and Beauty by Usha- Your One-Stop Solution for Precise Eyebrows

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