Going or Eyelash and Brow Tinting? Things That You Need To Know Beforehand

Have you finally planned to get your eyelash and eyebrows tinted? Well, that’s great news and indeed, this will do a world of good to your looks and personality. However, for that, you need to visit a well-reputed, experienced beauty expert who has been applying lash and brow tints in Sydney or its suburbs for years. Well, be it Sydney or Liverpool, Fairfield, or other suburbs, Browz and Beauty by Usha is surely the best name to visit for eyebrow and lash tinting, thanks to our expertise and experience. But there’s a catch though. If you are a first-timer, you must take a few steps to ensure that the tinting session goes without any hiccup whatsoever. 

Here on this write-up, we discuss a few things that you will need to go through before you have your eyebrows and eyelashes tinted. 

Getting a patch test is a MUST

This is a MUST-TAKE step. Sans a patch test, our therapist will not be able to conduct the procedure. The reason being, the skin around your eyelashes and brows are sensitive and hence, if you are allergic they may react in a very bad way, leaving the skin red, swollen, or bruised. Once that happens, that’s bad news for you. Not only will it leave you in a mess, but it may also take a long time to get back to normal. That is the reason, you need to go for a patch test 48 hours before the lash and brow tint session in Liverpool. The professional will apply the dye on a very small (hardly visible) patch on our skin and see whether it reacts adversely or not. It’s cool!  

Come to us without mascara and makeup 

On the day of the appointment, you need to ensure that you do not have any makeup and mascara on. You need to have absolutely clean lashes and brows. Before you head for lash tinting in Liverpool or Bonnyrigg or any other place near Sydney, you must save some time to remove whatever makeup you might have. Ensure there is no trace of any oily residue of those tanning oils, facials, or other skin care products you might be using. 

Remove your contacts

If you have contacts, do not forget to take them out before turning up for the tinting session. It is best not to put them on for a few hours after the tinting session as well. This will help to avoid any interference with your eyes whatsoever. As the lash and brow tint specialist in Fairfield or elsewhere carries out the process, you need to keep your eyes closed. So if you cannot do without lenses, get back to your glasses ….at least for a few days. 

Know what precisely you are up to…..

Our lash and brow tint specialist in Green Valley or elsewhere in and around Sydney would offer you the very best and the fittest advice on the shade of tint that you need to go for, depending upon the tone of your hair and skin. However, it is always a good idea to conduct some research from your end.  There’s a lot to know about lash and brow tinting. For instance, while a darker hue will create a tinge of fullness in your face, golden shades will make your eyes look brighter. Thus, you see accentuating should always be your objective and this can be achieved with a little bit of knowledge that you can acquire through some research. You can use phrases like ‘lash and brow tinting near me’ and it will give you a lot of info you are looking for. 

And then, you have Browz and Beauty by Usha for you, be it Sydney or any of its suburbs like Fairfield, Green Valley, Bonnyrigg, and the likes. We are just a phone call away from providing valuable suggestions about eyelash and brow tinting. So if you have plans to have your brows and lashes tinted, call us at 1300122522 or 0450 750 522 during our business hours. 

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