How Aestheticians Remove Eyelash Extensions Safely?

Though the eyelashes are looking great on you, there will come a time when you will need to replace them with a new one. This is because they will become loose due to the weakening of the adhesives. But have you ever wondered how the aestheticians in a salon remove the extensions safely? If you are curious and want to know the methods that they follow, go through the rest of the discussion. Also, if you are in Sydney or any of its suburbs and planning on getting your eyelashes removed, make sure you book an appointment with an experienced beautician since she will naturally have the experience of removing the extensions.

Let us now take a look at the eyelash extension removal methods that they use.

  • Using Oil-Based Makeup Remover Solutions

Even though your eyelash extensions in Sydney or any of its suburbs have become loose, they might not come off easily. So, the aesthetician will use an oil-based eye makeup remover since they contain glycols that dissolve the adhesives on these extensions. Moreover, these makeup remover solutions do not cause irritations or eye allergies and are hence always considered safe.

  • Usage of Steam

Steam is by far the best solution when it comes to the removal of eyelash extensions. This is because moisture present in the steam helps dissolve the adhesives. Also, since it’s only moisture, it can never harm your eyes in any way. For this reason, aestheticians sometimes recommend steam baths prior to the eyelash extension removal session for convenience.

  • Application of Castor Oil Solution

Another important solution that beauticians often use to remove eyelash extensions in Liverpool or any of its suburbs is the application of castor oil.

The oil itself is smooth for which, the adhesive can quickly get dissolve. But apart from castor oil, they might use baby oil since it is a product that will never cause harm to your eyes.

  • Usage of Certain Equipment

Professional beauticians might use certain tools to remove the eyelashes too. They are proprietary tools that you might not find easily in the stores. 

Using these tools, aestheticians can safely remove eyelashes. Furthermore, since these are specialised tools, the removal process does not take much time. 

  • Application of Special Solutions

Similar to that of the proprietary equipment, aestheticians can use certain chemicals for the removal of your eyelash extensions in Fairfield too. However, that depends on the condition of the extensions and also your eyes. They know that not all solutions will suit your eyes. So, only after inspecting everything will they take the necessary decision.

  • Using Lash-Glue Dissolver

This is another method that beauticians often use to remove those extensions of yours. Quite naturally, this is a fast and convenient process for them since the lash-glue dissolver can quickly weaken the adhesive after which, removing the eyelash extensions takes only a few moments for the aesthetician.

These are a few ways how eyelashes are removed by beauticians without causing harm to your skin or eyes.

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