How to Maintain Your Threaded Eyebrows the Right Way?

One of the best ways to enhance your facial beauty is to thread your eyebrows. To do so, you will need to head to a salon and get the procedure done by an experienced aesthetician in Sydney or Wetherill Park. However, threading is only half the job done. The other half is maintaining the intricately shaped eyebrows. But if you don’t know how to maintain them and want to avoid the mistakes that many people make during the process, this is the post that you will need to follow.

  • Avoid Touching the Threaded Eyebrows 

This is the first thing that you will need to do after getting the eyebrow threading in Sydney done.

Even if you feel a slight discomfort, you should not touch the shaped eyebrows since the bacteria or germs in your hands can lead to a skin infection. This is a mistake that many people make which worsens the situation.

Another thing that you should do is not to rub or scratch the skin under the threaded eyebrows since this can lead to infections as well.

  • Avoid DIY Plucking

The right way to maintain threaded eyebrows is to avoid over-plucking or DIY plucking in between sessions.

Many people make this mistake which leads to thinner eyebrows due to hair follicle damage. However, if you do want to pluck the extra hair follicles, you should get it done in a beauty salon in Sydney or its suburbs that has expert beauticians.

  • Use a Premium Gel

To avoid skin dryness after eyebrow threading, you should use a premium gel. You can use aloe vera or a cooling gel that will suit your skin type. Or, it’s best if you ask the beautician to recommend a gel for you since this is the safest way to maintain your eyebrows and the skin underneath.

  • Moisturise the Eyebrows 

The next important step that you will need to follow when it comes to eyebrow threading in Wetherill Park or any other Sydney suburb is regular moisturisation.

The application of moisturisers or gels that we have mentioned already in the previous point has nothing to do with the shape of your brows. They only help keep the skin in the best condition. But these two are important steps that you need to follow if you want to retain the beauty of your brows. Surely, even if your eyebrows appear to be nicely shaped but the skin is infected, it will not look nice, will it?

  • Keep Away from Sunlight 

If you don’t want your eyebrows to fade and avoid skin burns, you should avoid direct sunlight. Now, avoiding direct sunlight fully can be a bit of a problem. But you need not worry since you can wear UV-protected sunglasses that offer good protection against the sun’s rays.

  • Maintain a Healthy Diet 

Lastly, to maintain your threaded brows, beauticians in most Sydney eyebrow threading beauty salons, recommend that you maintain a healthy diet.

Doing so will promote healthy hair growth and you will be less prone to eyebrow infections.

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