How to Manage the Stickiness After Applying Eyelash Extensions?

Stickiness after the application of eyelash extensions can be caused due to various reasons. However, since it can cause eye discomfort, we will discuss how you can manage it efficiently. But you should take note of the fact that after you follow the steps mentioned here if you still experience stickiness, you should immediately consult with your beautician in Sydney or Oran Park. They can understand the cause of the stickiness and provide the right solution.

Now, let us dive into how you can manage the situation and get peace of mind.

  • Follow the Right Care Instructions

Some amount of stickiness is natural after the application of eyelash extensions in Sydney or the suburb where you are. It occurs due to the glue. But with time, as it dries, you will notice alleviation of the discomfort. However, to manage stickiness, you should strictly follow the care instructions given to you by the aestheticians. The guidelines that they offer are personalised to meet the needs of each individual. So, rest assured that you will experience the best results. Besides, it’s best if you avoid the application of steam, water and other oily products for a few days after you apply the extensions.

  • Gentle Cleaning is a Good Step

If your aesthetician suggests gentle cleaning after the application of the eyelash extensions, you should follow it. By doing so, you can get rid of the stickiness after the application process.

Typically, you should use a cleaner that is lash extension-friendly. By applying this agent, you can remove oils, makeup, and debris surrounding the extensions. However, while doing so, make sure you are not applying oil-based cleansers since they can impact the adhesive on the extensions and cause stickiness.

  • Avoid Rubbing

After taking up eyelash extensions in Oran Park or in any of the other Sydney suburbs, you should avoid rubbing. Even if you are noticing stickiness, you should let the glue adhere to the eyelids before the stickiness fully disappears. However, even after a day or two if you still experience stickiness and that too after following your aesthetician’s post-care advice, you should consult with her for the right solution.

  • Get a Lash Extension Brush

To manage stickiness after the application of eyelash extensions, you should get a lash extension brush. This product will help you comb the lashes gently and untangle the ones that are entwined. Moreover, using the brush will help you retain the natural appearance. Indeed, this easy-to-follow step works well!

  • Avoid Alcohol-Based Cleaners

Whether you are cleaning your face or the area around the lashes, no matter the eyelash extensions types in which you have invested, you should protect them from alcohol.

Generally, aestheticians recommend alcohol-free cleaners since they can weaken the glue on the extensions and can cause stickiness leading to discomfort.

  • Consult with Aestheticians

Lastly, even after following the steps mentioned here, if you still experience stickiness after applying eyelash extensions, you should consult with your beauticians.

They will examine the extensions and provide you with the right suggestions.

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