MUST-READ Tips to Alleviate Waxing Pain You Can’t Afford to Miss

Majority of the people seem to have nightmares a week before the waxing appointment due to the fear of pain involved in the process. No matter how premium quality wax you use, full body waxing can be cumbersome and painful. Depending upon your tolerance level, it can be a major deterrent to getting smooth and flawless skin. Fortunately, you don’t have to give up on waxing altogether. These expert-recommended tips can curb your pain and enhance your experience the next time you opt for hair removal in Liverpool.

Whether you have waxed before or are a newbie, hair removal can hurt your skin and become painful if you don’t prepare your skin in advance. 

  • Numb Your Nerves

Prior to waxing, apply skin ointments that can numb your skin. This is particularly helpful when waxing over areas such as upper lips, chest, bikini and genital. These are pain-provoking areas and applying mint ointments can numb the nerves and help you experience less pain during waxing in Hoxton Park.

  • Reduce Acidity 

Smoking and regular alcohol intake creates a lot of acid content in your body and makes waxing painful. You may benefit from taking detox drinks before visiting the salon to reduce acidity and curb your skin sensitivity. Try this trick as it works like wonders in alleviating pain and make waxing less nerve-wracking.

  • Use a Body Scrub for Exfoliation

While oil in skin gets easily exfoliated, body needs special care for seamless exfoliation prior to waxing. A mild body scrub can help you get rid of dead cells around pores and hair follicles and make your skin buttery soft post waxing. Use scrubs that won’t let leave your skin greasy and prevent growth of ingrown hair. 

  • Avoid Applying Astringent

Astringent tighten the pores and make a firm hold on hair follicles. So avoid using any kind of skin toner or astringent to make hair removal in Sydney seamless, less painful and hassle-free. 

  • Avoid Drinking Coffee or Tea Prior to Waxing

While having a cup of coffee prior to waxing may not be a concern, the stimulants can make your skin extra sensitive and tighten hair follicles. Take sufficient time to relax after drinking tea or coffee and then get waxed. As an alternative to coffee, you may likely drink plenty of water and hydrate your body and skin prior to waxing for a seamless experience.

  • Avoid DIY Waxing

DIY waxing may seem exciting and overwhelming; however, if you are a first-timer, it’s better not to plunge into the job as it may increase your discomfort and cause tremendous pain. Waxing involves pulling out hair in the right direction and amateurs who undertake the plunge end up hurting their skin badly. Additionally, DIY waxing fetches risk of skin irritations, allergies and rashes.

Avoid Being Tensed

People, who fear undergoing waxing treatment, hold their breath or tense their nerves during waxing and end up with tremendous pain. Easing your body and staying relaxed during waxing can help you cope up better with pain and make waxing a pleasing experience altogether.

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