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New Year Eyebrow Tinting Styles That You Can Consider

New Year means new styles. In fact, every year brings some new trends that can take popularity to the next level. So, whether you want to flaunt these styles at parties and get-togethers or want to post videos and photos on social media, trying out the new styles is necessary.

If you are in Sydney or its surrounding regions and want to get a glimpse of the eyebrow tinting trends that you can try out this New Year, this is the post that should follow to get some ideas.

  • Blending Two Shades

This is a style that is trending now and thus, you can try it without overthinking. Here, you can make your eyebrow tinting in Sydney or the surrounding region where you are a success by blending two complementary shades. Your eyebrow will give a transitioning effect. For instance, the inner part can have a lighter hue and become darker at the tail. This simple yet elegant style will quickly catch the eye. Most importantly, if you are getting it done in a salon, it will be convenient for the aestheticians to develop the same.

  • Applying Subtle Tints

The second style that you definitely need to try out in the New Year is applying subtle tints to your eyebrows. You need to opt for a soft tint. But you should apply a double coat of the same to enhance your brow. That way, it will look more natural and elegant at the same time.

The advantage of this style is that it is easy to establish. Whether you are DYIng or going to a salon, you can easily establish this style without experiencing major complications.

  • Pastel Shades

If you are looking to get eyebrow tinting in Austral or any of the other mentioned regions done, you can try out pastel shades this New Year. It is another hot trend where you can playfulness and a quirky appearance is established with pastel colours.

At present, there are many eyebrow tints available that can make the pastel shade more prominent. However, if you are not too confident regarding choosing one, you can ask your beautician to do the same for you.

  • Chic Look

This is another new trend that you can follow. This is also simple to establish since all you need to do is apply the tint at a straight and horizontal line. This will create a sleek appearance. Due to its simplicity, you can use this style for formal as well as casual events. Furthermore, this style suits all face shapes and thus, this is a versatile style.

  • Glittery Look

You can give yourself a more intense appearance by going with this type of eyebrow tinting in Wetherill Park or any of the other suburbs. This is another New Year trend and is exclusively suited for parties.

Here, you will be applying glitter to your eyebrows. You need to get a gel that has this feature or ask your beautician to do it for you.

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