Signs That Say You Need to Change Your Eyelash Extension Expert

A quality practitioner offering eyelash extensions always makes sure that your natural eyelashes are never affected. Thus you see, it is a rather meticulous process that demands pinpoint accuracy. This is where many not-so-good professionals falter. They will provide eyelash extensions rather clumsily, thus causing a lot of issues – something that a quality specialist, carrying out eyelash extensions in Liverpool will never do. On this page, let us discuss the issues you may face when your eyelash extension specialist is not good. 

The Extensions Hurt: Ideally, the eyelash extensions do not hurt at all. They are meticulously placed on your natural eyebrows and are glued with them with a high-quality adhesive. That’s it! However, this does not remain that rosy if the specialist is not that good. The professional will attach the extensions in a rather careless and lackluster way, so much so that the extensions begin to hurt. In other words, the lash line will feel ‘tight’. The reason being, either the positioning of the extensions was not correct or the glue that was used was too thick. 

Chucks of lashes keep falling off: Ideally, eyelash extensions of good quality applied by the best specialists offering eyelash extensions in Sydney last for 3 to 4 weeks, following which they need to be revamped. However, when the extensions are not applied properly or attached improperly as volume lashes, they get bogged down by their own weight and start falling down. And at times, they will attach multiple lash roots to the extensions. This results in tugging and pulling, which in turn damages the hair follicles and may result in baldness. 

Thus, if you find thick multiple extensions glued collectively, that’s an absolutely improper way that your beautician is following. You need to immediately change the technician. 

Visible White chunks on the lash lines: This is a collective mistake of you and your beautician, to be exact. If the expert watches these white chunks on the lash line and does not notify the same to you, you have not gone to the right beautician. 

Those white chunks are blepharitis. It is certainly not the end of the world,  as far as beautifying your eyes is concerned, but this certainly means you are not cleaning your eyes regularly. In case those white chucks are associated with a red lash line, you need to remove the lashes immediately, as that means the improper application of the eyelashes has caused the infection. You must change the beautician but before that, you need to take the lashes off immediately. 

They Do not Last even a day:  Let us come back where we started. These extensions are expected to last for several weeks. If they start falling off overnight, you must have visited the wrong professional. Make amends immediately. 

They look Messy:  The eyelash extensions should be a treat to the eyes. They should beautify your eyes and make them look more attractive. If they make your eyes look messy, that means the professional is certainly not doing the best work. You need to change the salon. 

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