The Best Ways to Maintain Your Threaded Eyebrows

Maintaining threaded eyebrows can be difficult if you don’t know what to do and what not to do after the session. But this is where we will tell you how to maintain your eyebrows in the best way so that you can retain their beauty. So, if you are in Sydney or Wetherill Park and have just undergone an eyebrow-threading process, you need to go through this post. Anyway, let us now delve into what you need to do to keep your threaded eyebrows in the best shape.

  • Moisturise  

After completing eyebrow threading in Wetherill Park or the Sydney suburbs, you will need to moisturise the threaded area to avoid irritations and redness. Naturally, if the threaded area looks red or irritated, it will look unpleasant. Besides, if the eyebrows are dry, you will experience even more discomfort. So, in this scenario, moisturisation is the right solution. But if you don’t know which moisturiser to apply, talk to your aesthetician right away, or before the threading process can begin.

  • Conditioner      

The next thing that you will need to do as part of the eyebrow maintenance process is to apply a conditioner to the affected area. This will keep your eyebrows smooth. At the same time, you can reduce hair loss from your eyebrows. 

Applying conditioner to your eyebrows after the threading process is safe. So, you can do it if you are not allergic to conditioners. But to be safe, you can discuss the matter with your aesthetician.

  • Don’t DIY Newly Grown Hair

As new eyebrow hair starts growing you might be tempted to remove them by yourself. But you need to be very careful in this scenario. You must not do it by yourself as this will spoil the shape. Apart from this, removing the newly grown hair haphazardly can result in eye irritations and redness. For more details regarding this, you need to talk to the professionals carrying out eyebrow threading in Sydney.

  • Get Eyebrow Threading Done at the Right Time 

To maintain your eyebrows after getting threading done, you will need to follow the steps already discussed. Besides, you will need to get the threading done at the right time. For instance, if you notice that you generally get the procedure done every month, maintain the schedule to retain normal hair growth. Otherwise, your hair growth might be disrupted which can spoil the shape.

  • Do Not Apply Lotions That Are Heavy in Chemicals

After the eyebrow threading process, you will need to apply lotions to keep the affected area soft. But you should not apply chemical heavy lotions since they can lead to eye irritations. So, in this scenario, after the brow threading in Sydney, you should only apply those solutions that are free of harmful chemicals.

  • Do Not Rub Your Eyebrows Too Often

Finally, after the eyebrow threading session, make sure that you do not rub the area. You should also avoid touching the area to avoid discomfort and irritation.

To maintain threaded eyebrows, you should follow the steps mentioned here since these are recommended by the experts.

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