The Most Common Eyelash Extension FAQs and Their Answers for the First-Timers

The Most Common Eyelash Extension FAQs and Their Answers for the First-Timers

The first-timers looking forward to having eyelash extensions have tons of queries to resolve. They have a barrage of questions for our specialists. Thus, in this write-up, we will try to come up with answers to some of the most frequently asked questions in regards to eyelash extension. 

How long the session may last? 

This is the most common and the first & foremost question of the impatient souls, who are always looking to have things done in a jiffy. But when it comes to applying eyelash extensions, it takes at least 2 hours, if you have decided to go for full installation for both eyes. Remember, it’s an intricate job that asks for optimum meticulousness. Hence, no matter how experienced the specialists are, your session for applying eyelash extensions in Sydney or elsewhere will take time depending upon your plans. 

What if the glue gets into the eyes? 

This is another very common question that we hear from the beginners. They remain perturbed by the likelihood of the glue getting into the eyes and the impact it will have on the eyes. Firstly, this is one of the reasons why you should always opt for the best specialists. For instance, when you visit us for eyelash extensions in Fairfield, our specialists will apply the glue so meticulously that it will NEVER get into your eyes. Our experts are thoroughly trained in this and they use the best tools.

And more importantly, the glue will never cause any harm to your eyes. In fact, when you use the best glues from world-renowned brands, they turn out to be absolutely harmless. Moreover, you keep your eyes closed all throughout, and hence, you are safe anyway. 

How often would I need them to be redone? 

Well, that depends on the quality you have opted for, and how well you have maintained them. Ideally, lash extensions are meant to last all through the full cycle of growth of the natural eyelashes. Hence, they are meant to last from 6 to 8 weeks. However, that said, it may vary still, depending upon the rate of growth of the natural eyelashes.

Do they fall after a certain period? 

Yes, they do! Since these extensions are attached to single eyelashes, they will start falling by default, as and when the natural eyelashes get growing. That is why our specialists offering eyelash extensions in Liverpool or elsewhere would recommend a touch-up session after 3 to 3 weeks. 

Here again, the expertise of the professionals will come into play. When you have it done by an inexperienced professional, the person will mistakenly attach a single lash to multiple natural eyelashes. When that is done, it will cause a clump, and the extensions along with the natural eyelashes will break and fall off. 

Can I swim or take bath right after having them done? 

Not at all! Keep your face away from water at least for 24 hours following the eyeless extension application session. Applying water before that will weaken the glue and cause disintegration and fall of the eyelashes. The after-care you take depends on the type and the quality of glue you use. That’s why we recommend using the bestglues that need minimal after-care and that also for a shorter duration. 

So that, we think, has resolved your preliminary queries in regards to eyelash extensions. If you have any further queries, call Browz and Beauty by Usha at 1300122522 or 0450 750 522 during our serving hours. 

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