Types Of Eyebrow Threading You Need to Know Before Booking a Session

To give your eyebrows the right shape, you will need to book a session with an esthetician in Smithfield, Oran Park or the suburb where you are. But before you schedule the session, you will need to know about the different types of eyebrow threading styles. You will need to choose the right style if you want to beautify yourself. But if you are not aware of the same, this post can give you information regarding the styles. So, if you are interested, delve into the next section.

  • Classic Eyebrow Threading

When it comes to traditional eyebrow threading in Smithfield or any other suburbs, this is the technique that is mostly used. Here, the beautician will create a natural arch following your natural eyebrow curve. 

If you have thick eyebrows, you should choose this technique to make yourself look more attractive. In fact, if you have a symmetrical face, this type of eyebrows can make you look appealing. 

  • Eyebrow Threading with High Arch

The second type of eyebrow threading that can give a dramatic appearance is the high arch eyebrow style. 

In this type of eyebrow threading in Oran Park and the rest of the suburbs, the beautician will create an angular and sharp arch to give your face a lifted look. However, you should choose this style only if you have an oval or a rounded face. 

  • Eyebrow Threading That Gives a Straight Look

Do you have a square-shaped face? You should choose the straight eyebrow threading style then since you can make your brows look straight. The beautician will soften the edges to balance the eyebrows. This style is also suitable if you want a simple look.

  • S-Shaped Brow Threading

If you have a heart-shaped face, the S-shaped eyebrow threading style can suit you best. Typically, individuals with a narrow forehead will love this style since the beautician performing eyebrow threading in Austral and the other suburbs will create a soft curve at the place where the eyebrow starts out. However, in the middle, she will create a sharp edge and fall back to the gentle curve again at the end of the eyebrow. 

Typically, this style can help give a harmonious look.

  • Feathered Eyebrow Threading

Do you want a soft, natural look? You need to opt for the feathered eyebrow threading style then since the esthetician will create a natural look by removing unwanted hair with a pattern like a feather.

You should choose this style if you have thin or sparse hair in your eyebrows. This style will make your brows look fuller and more defined.

  • Bold Threading

If you need to stand out from the rest, choose this type of eyebrow threading done at a reputable beauty salon in Wetherill Park or any of the other mentioned suburbs.  

In this bold eyebrow threading technique, the beauticians will create a strong and thick eyebrow shape to add character and definition to your face. However, you should only choose this style if you have a square or heart-shaped face.

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