Why You Should Opt for Pharo Sugaring for Unwanted Hair Removal?

Almost everyone is aware that sugaring is another kind of waxing that is both safe and pain-free. You can say, it’s a more effective method of removing unwanted hair from their roots. Here, the hair removal solution is usually prepared with lemon juice, water, sugar and honey rather than wax.

The Pharo sugaring system is comparatively less painful than other hair removal methods and pulls out hair from the underneath layers of your skin, giving you the feel of buttery-soft skin.

There is no doubt, Pharo sugaring provides a wide range of benefits that have made it one of the most preferred choices among people. Let’s have a look:

  • It contains natural ingredients to remove body hair: As mentioned before, Pharo sugaring is an ancient Egyptian hair removal technique and needless to say that Egyptians were more advanced and glorious in case of skin and hair treatment around the world those days. So, it is quite obvious that they used natural ingredients to make their skin smooth and soft. Well, sugaring is not only organic but also healthy for your skin. Pharo sugaring as a part of hair removal in Wetherill Park is one of the popular treatments that is made up of natural ingredients like sugar, water, lemon juice and honey. If you are new to experience this unique hair removal technique, don’t delay.
  • It is flexible and can be used anywhere in your body: You can use the method of sugaring everywhere in your body where you supposed to do wax such as hands, legs, moustache, under arm area, bikini area, eye brows and even for men. Hair removal in Liverpool offers you the best waxing methods to remove your unwanted hair efficiently.
  • Sugaring can be used easily in case of short hair removal: With sugaring, you can remove pubic hair seamlessly; however, a few salons demand a necessary hair growth for waxing. Waxing salon in Liverpool could be the finest solution for you in this regard.
  • No risk of skin burn: Whereas waxing can cause burning sensation, unpleasant swellings and scars, hair removal in Smithfield is completely free from these afflictions. Generally, sugaring is used to match your body temperature which reduces the threat of skin burning and also eliminates skin irritation and blisters.
  • People feel more comfortable using sugaring: Rather than plucking and waxing, people feel more relaxed using sugaring for removingfacial hair. There is no risk of getting patchy and rough skin post this treatment. Repetitive waxing can weaken your hair follicles over time and as a result, you will face harsh and less hair regrowth at the end. But in case of hair removal Hoxton Park with Pharo sugaring, the circumstance is totally different. You will have fine hair regrowth and smooth skin.
  • Sugaring doesn’t stick to active skin cells: Because the sugar paste is totally water-soluble, it will not adhere to the water-containing living cells of the skin.While wax sticks to the skin’s cells causing skin damage, professionals offering hair removal in Sydney will just remove the dead skin cells, leaving the skin soft and smooth.
  • You can quickly clean up your skin using sugaring method: Sugar paste contains water-soluble mixture that is specially made up of natural ingredients and can be quickly removed by applying water. On the other hand, waxing causes a greasy sensation and takes two to three days to get completely dissolved from the skin.

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