4 Worst Mistakes You Should Never Make While Waxing at Home

Waxing by far is considered to be the best hair removal option provided it’s done correctly and effortlessly. Regardless of whether you are a pro or an amateur, waxing at home can be a daunting task and mistakes are likely to happen. Unlike the blissful ambience and comfort, you may enjoy in a beauty salon during waxing, DIY approach can turn out to be arduous, chaotic and time-consuming. Here’s this blog to make you aware of the common mistakes most amateurs make when waxing at home and avoid making them at all costs to minimise chances of infections, allergies or redness.

  • Preparing Your Skin the Wrong Way!

Most people feel perplexed when it comes to preparing skin before waxing. Whether to wash your skin or not, depends upon the type of wax you are using. In case of sugar-based wax, it’s necessary to wash skin before waxing. As sugar is highly soluble in water and doesn’t leave behind any residue oil and cleaning and drying may allow wax pull out hair in a seamless manner. On the contrary, resin-based wax which is used in most salons doesn’t necessarily require washing skin before hair removal in Wetherill Park. Failing to prepare your skin in a correct manner can make waxing even more painful and prevent you from getting the buttery-soft effect.

  • Applying a Thick Layer of Wax

Liquid waxes are mostly removed with fabric strips and the key to get smooth results greatly depends upon how well you apply the wax. Thin layers of wax can help in effortless wax removal and make you experience less pain compared to thick coats of wax application. However, amateurs who lack knowledge or expertise in waxing, fail to understand the intricacies and apply thick coats, which not only make it harder to spread wax but can burn your skin to the worst. Hence, maintaining correct wax consistency is essential for pain-free hair removal in Sydney.

  • Waxing in the Wrong Direction

Though it may seem counterintuitive, however, wax applied in the wrong direction can affect your hair growth and trigger chances of developing ingrown hair early than expected. Moreover, it becomes painful and difficult to pull off hair and incorrect techniques lead to breakage of hair, which can be even more chaotic and arduous. If you aren’t a pro or lack proper knowledge in hair removal in Fairfield, smear about a nickel thickness of wax and allow it dry for about 15-30 seconds before pulling it off.

  • Starting With a Difficult Area Instead of an Easy One

Waxing at home may seem to be exciting and overwhelming, however, if you are an amateur, it’s better not to start waxing from difficult areas such as underarms. Hands and legs are way easier option to start waxing from as they are easily accessible compared to larger areas and wax application is also easier. As and when you learn the techniques of pain-free waxing like the experts of waxing salon in Green Valley, you may start tackling the hard-to-reach areas such as bikini zone, underarms or face.

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