Steps Followed By Professionals in Dyeing Eyebrows with Henna

Applying henna in your eyebrows makes you look beautiful and when Christmas is only a few days left, it is a good time to apply it as it makes the eyebrows look deep and in proper shape. Today applying henna in the eyebrows has become very popular as henna is a natural product and is applying it is quite easy. However, professionals providing the Henna Brows in Sydney and the suburbs follow several steps that make the application perfect. So, let take a look at the steps now. 

  • Preparing the Henna

In the first step, the professional beauticians prepare the henna paste that will be applied to your eyebrows. They will keep the paste thick and but will use some water to smooth it out. 

To prepare the paste they mix amla powder with the henna powder before adding the water. To give it a different colour, professionals sometimes use cassia obovata powder or indigo powder. 

All of these have to be mixed in perfect proportions to obtain the best results.

  • Preparing the Eyebrows 

The beauticians providing the henna eyebrows in Bossley Park will apply water on your face to clean the dirt. Sometimes they can also apply shampoo or a face-wash and then wipe them off with alcohol and let them dry for a couple of minutes or so. After that, they will apply shea butter on the area around the eyebrows before applying the henna to the brows.

  • Applying the Paste

In the third step, the professionals will start applying henna to the eyebrows in the direction in which the hairs have grown. They will spread the henna using circular motions at the base of the hairs and continue this process until it becomes a thick coat. 

  • Covering the Brows

In the fourth step, the professionals providing the henna brows in Fairfield will cover the hennaed eyebrows with a kitchen wrap. They will apply the plastic carefully to make sure that it sits on the eyebrows properly. The professionals will also remove air bubbles around the eyebrow area by pressing the plastic gently. 

  • Leaving the Application

Now is the time to let the application dry and the wait time depends on the professionals. For some, the time can be around 2 hours or so while for others it can be around 4 hours or even more. 

In DIY sessions many people leave the henna overnight to dry but in beauty parlours the wait time can vary from 2 to 4 hours, the average of which is 3 hours.

  • Removing the Application

Finally, the professionals will remove the henna paste. To do that, they will remove the kitchen wrap and then apply warm water for washing the eyebrows. 

The beauticians providing the henna brows in Liverpool will apply shea butter after removing the henna and will apply an aftercare cream. 

Add Beauty to Your Eyebrows with Henna by Expert Beauticians

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