A Comprehensive Arm Hair Removal Guide You Need to Follow

To wax your arms, it is always better to book a session with an aesthetician, experienced in this type of treatment. However, if you want to try this out yourself, this is the guide that you need to follow. However, eminent beauticians in Sydney and its suburbs such as Wetherill Park and Fairfield recommend that getting the treatment done by a professional is always safe. Moreover, professionals can provide you with satisfactory results.

Now, we will directly delve into the guide.

  • The Preparation Process

To begin waxing in Sydney or any of the mentioned suburbs, the first step is the preparation process. So, let’s see how you need to prepare.

  • Test your skin

First, you need to determine whether your skin is suitable for waxing. For instance, if it is too sensitive, you might need to proceed with caution. Anyway, for the skin testing process, you can use any patch which will give you the results within a day.

  • Clean Your Skin

If the results from the patch test come out as normal, you need to clean your skin before you can begin waxing. There are various skin cleaning solutions available, and you can use any of them that suits you. But if you aren’t sure about the cleaning cream or a solution that will work best, you should consult your beautician without proceeding further. This will help you get the best results out of waxing.

  • The Waxing Process

Now that you are prepared, it’s time to begin hair removal in Sydney or the suburb where you are situated. So, let us now see the steps associated with this process.

  • Apply the Wax    

The first step is to apply the wax to your arms. You need to start from the shoulder and then move down to your wrist. Basically, you need to work from the top to the bottom. Also, make sure that you are applying a thin layer of wax on your arms, evenly.

  • Use a Removal Strip 

After applying the wax, you should cover the wax with removal strips. You need to use your palm to firmly cover the wax on the surface of your skin. This will also help you place these strips evenly. And when you are done, wait for a few seconds or a minute before proceeding to the next step.

  • Remove the Strips   

You need to be extremely cautious while performing this as recommended by the experts performing hair removal in Wetherill Park and other Sydney suburbs.

You should quickly remove these strips one by one against the direction from which the hairs on your skin grow. A backwards pulling of the strip will work better than outwards. This will also help you remove more hairs from the root.

  • Repeat the Process 

You need to continue this process for the different parts of your arm. Finally, when you are done with one arm, you should follow all the mentioned steps for the other arm.

This brings us to the end of the procedures that need to be followed for successful hair removal in Fairfield and the Sydney suburbs. So, you need to follow all of the mentioned steps carefully.

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