The Evergreen Eyebrow Shapes to Opt for During Brow Threading

Eyebrow threading has been one of the most favourite grooming activities that has been practised since time eternal. With time, the trends and styles of eyebrow threading have changed – and they are changing constantly. However, there are certain styles and forms of eyebrow threading, which have never changed over the years. In fact, there is an element of timelessness in these styles that take the personality traits of individuals to an altogether new height. On this page, let us discuss those evergreen trends. 

Arched Towards Tail

This is one of the most eternal forms of brow threading in Wetherill Park that has been adored by the fashionistas. It is the best choice for round faces and comes with an arch just before the outer corner of the eyebrow.  This is a classic brow that looks phenomenal on every shape of face.  

Middle Arch

There are some eyebrows that naturally come with an arch more at the centre, than towards the ends. In fact, these are the types of brows, which the professionals offering eyebrow threading in Sydney can work on seamlessly. The experts can clean up the stray hairs from the highest point of the arch, without creating a peak. This will create a ‘perpetually surprised’ look and feel. 

Higher Arches

This is predominantly the style of the celebs. As the name suggests, it comes  with an extra higher arch, pretty above the brow bone. It creates an extra defined and lifted appearance. And then, if you are in the mood of adding a little drama, you can opt for an arch towards the tail, rather than at the centre. 

‘Barely-There’ Arches

This is another classic, yet rather subtle form of brow threading in Sydney, which can be worked on the natural arch, without providing significant shaping. All that is needed is a little bit of maintenance that professionals will conduct using a sharp tweezer. 

Rounded Eyebrows

The arch of an eyebrow does not always have to be angular. At times, even a softish  round shape of eyebrows can be the most flattening option. This type of eyebrow is best for the faces that come with sharp features. However, for those with an angled face, a rounder, fluffy brow will be a better option as it will soften the look of the face. 

Straighter Brows

Again, there are brows that do not have any arch to it. The professionals at a reputable eyebrow threading salon in Wetherill Park will do very little to disturb its elegance. This is another very elegant, classic shape and the professionals will not do anything to create an arch. Instead, they will keep them brushed and cared for, using a spoolie. For those  who are not so lucky and are looking for the straighter brows, can have them shaped by a reputable professional.

Therefore you see, if you want to have one of these classic eyebrows, the best way is to opt for Browz and Beauty by Usha, which is one of the best names in and around Sydney. Call us to book an appointment with our eyebrow threading experts. 

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