A Few Things You Should Do Before Going for a Lash or Brow Tint

Colouring your eyebrows or lashes is a style that is appreciated by many. If you wish to try this out, we will say that it definitely is a good idea. However, before you head out for the treatment in Sydney or Liverpool, you should do a few things to avoid getting undesired results.

Today we will be discussing what you need to do. These are a few simple things so you need not worry. Just follow the discussion and you will get the details.

Do Not Wear Makeup Before You Head Out for the Treatment 

If you have booked a lash and brow tint session in Sydney or Liverpool, do not wear makeup before you head out to the salon. This will save you the time that would have otherwise required for the removal of the makeup. Moreover, the residue from the makeup can react with the tint and can cause irritations. Or, sometimes due to the presence of the makeup residue, the tint might not be absorbed properly.

Get A Patch Test

A patch test can help you to determine if you are allergic to the tint, and all therapists recommend this before applying the tint on the eyelashes or the brows. 

If the test results turn out to be negative, the therapists can safely proceed with the tinting treatment. Otherwise, they might cancel the treatment to prevent skin infections or allergies. Also, you should take the test 48 hours prior to the treatment as this produces the most accurate results.

Remove Your Contact Lenses

Before arriving at the salon for lash tinting, you should remove the contact lenses because during the lash tinting treatment in Sydney or Liverpool you will be keeping your eyes closed for most of the time. 

Though the chance of the tint getting in your eyes is extremely low, it’s still better to arrive at the salon without the contact lenses because you might feel uncomfortable with the lenses on and eyes closed for long.

Choosing the Shade

Before the brow or lash tinting treatment can start, you will need to choose the shade. 

If you have a few shades on your mind, you should mention them to the therapist. Else, you can ask the therapist for advice regarding the tint that will best suit your face along with the skin and your hair colour. Nevertheless, you should conduct a bit of research as well. 

Shades of different colours are available. You can go for the darker ones as they give a sense of fullness while the lighter ones can make your eyes appear bigger. 

Avoid the Tinting Treatment if You Have a Skin Infection

If you are having a pimple or a skin infection, you should avoid the brow tinting treatment in Sydney because it might worsen the infection. Rather, you should wait for it to cure completely and then head for the treatment.

By following these guidelines you can get the desired results. But if you want to get more of your queries solved, you should talk to your therapist today.

Brow and Lash Tinting by Experts

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