Some Dos and Don’ts to Follow After Getting Eyelash Extensions

Though eyelash extensions are a great way to enhance your beauty, you will need to follow a few things after you get them, and doing this will keep you off from getting eye infections or allergies. Besides, these are very easy to follow. So, without further delay, let’s delve into the dos and don’ts.

  • Touching Your Eyes

After getting your lash extension in Liverpool, you should not touch your eyes for a few hours because oils from your fingers can reach the root of the lash and might weaken them. Then, if they become very weak, you might have to head to your beauty expert again to get them reattached which can be costly.

  • Keeping the Lashes Dry

After getting the lashes, you will need to keep them dry for at least a day or two as this will help prevent irritations that you can get from the eyelashes. Also, if possible, avoid washing your hair with cold water. Rather, you can use lukewarm water but make sure you avoid hot showers, spa, saunas, etc. Additionally, try to stay away from the heat as the sweat can weaken the adhesive with which the lashes are attached.

  • Avoid Swimming or Coming in Direct Contact with Water  

Though the eyelash extensions in Bonnyrigg will become waterproof after a day, still it is better to avoid coming into direct contact with water. That means you should avoid swimming or putting too much water into your eyes as they can cause allergies and can even weaken the adhesive.

So, the experts recommend that you should wait for at least more than a day before you can continue tasks that involve direct contact with water.

  • Control the Oil in Your Face  

As mentioned earlier, oil can weaken the root of the eyelashes. So, if you have an oily face, you need to control it so that it does not get into the lashes.

For this, you can use lotions, blotting papers, moisturisers, etc. This process is not difficult to follow and you should do this to save the eyelashes from getting damaged. At the same time make sure that the skin cleaning products that makeup removers or cleansers that you are using are free of oil 

  • Clean your Eyelashes Properly

After getting the eyelash extensions in Sydney, you will need to clean them properly as this will help them to last longer. Here again, you will need to use oil-free products, a lash cleanser to be specific. Other than this, you can use baby shampoo as well.

  • Don’t Use Oil-Based Mascara

Applying oil-based mascara can irritate your eyes and can weaken the adhesive of the lashes. So, after you get the extensions it is better not to use mascara or eyeliner, or even any cleaning oils as well.

  • Don’t’ try to remove the Eyelashes by Yourself

This can prove to be dangerous and can do more harm than good. So, you should never try this at home. 

If you do intend to remove them, head to a professional who has the expertise to do the job.

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