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Busting the Myths Regarding Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash extensions are extremely popular, to start with. They always have been. However, growth in popularity of anything has often been associated with growth of myths. Eyelash extensions are no exception. Truly, lash extensions have always been shrouded by myths. And it is because of these myths, the populace has always misunderstood the art of installation of lash extension in Wetherill Park or anywhere else. Therefore, it is high time you need to have these myths busted. On this page, we discuss some of the myths that you need to bust to know what eyelash extension is all about. 

It is a luxurious process – hence, availed by the celebs

Well, one part of this is a myth, while the other part is a reality. It is indeed a luxurious process, with your role restricted to lying down, relaxing with the eyes closed as the expert will work on your eyelashes, meticulously. But the other part of the statement is a myth. Maybe it was the celebs’ practice quite some decades back – but not anymore! It is a cost effective process these days and you will find a number of beauty salons (notwithstanding their reputation) that offer this service in and around Sydney. Hence, it has become a pretty household practice that is easily available now. We would suggest going to a reputable beauty salon for eyelash extension in Sydney.

A Standard eyelash extension procedure is followed everywhere

This is entirely a myth and it has to be busted at the earliest. Well, the beauty specialists will stick to the basics while applying eyelash extensions. However, there is no stubbornness associated with the eyelash extension process. The process followed may change depending upon the nature of eyelash extension that is applied, which in turn depends upon the type and length of natural extensions you have and your desired effects and looks. In fact, quality professionals will take all these accounts into consideration and come up with a customised service that will leave you 100% satisfied. So on contrary to the popular belief, lash extension in Sydney is very much a customisable process. 

Lash Extensions will not allow makeup 

Again, lash extensions will surely allow application of makeup. So, the statement that it will not allow make-up is a myth. While the specialists offering eyelash extensions in Liverpool will tell you what to do and what not for the first 24 hours of the application of the extension, you are free to have makeup after that period. 

Extensions ruin your natural eyelashes 

This is another myth. When you have high quality eyelashes installed by the most qualified specialists offering Eyelash Extension in Liverpool they will leave your natural eyelashes unaffected and intact. You only harm them when you visit an incompetent professional or you do not stick to the basic safety measures.

So now that the myths are busted you should not have any reservation in visiting a beauty salon for eyelash extension installation. If you are in and around Sydney, Browz and Beauty by Usha, is the best name to turn to, as we are the best in the business. Call us today to book your service. 

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