Common Eyelash Extension Mistakes That Professionals Always Avoid

Applying eyelash extensions is an intricate job and a small mistake can totally spoil the beauty. So, the professionals have to stay attentive during the lash extension session. And in the session, they also remain careful to avoid a few mistakes and today, we will specifically focus on the mistakes that they avoid. 

So, if you are in Sydney or the suburbs namely Liverpool, Hoxton Park or Canley Vale, make sure to get the extension done from an experienced professional.

And now, let’s look at the mistakes that the professionals always avoid. 

  • Trying to Complete the Session Quickly

A professional providing the service does not rush through the appointment because that way the professional carrying out the eyelash extensions in Liverpoolwill not get the time to apply the full set of eyelash which will result in a sparse look. Moreover, a sparse eyelash extension will shed quickly. 

So, a professional will need to dedicate time for achieving the best result. 

  • Not Monitoring the Humidity Levels

The professional carrying out the lash extension in Liverpool will always monitor the humidity levels during the session because the glue for the extension might dry too quickly or too slowly which can lead to poor results. 

So, the professionals make sure that they are carrying out the service in and under the desired humidity levels that will give them the necessary time to work with precision and achieve the best results.

  • Not Performing the Separation Process Perfectly

The professional carrying out the eyelash extensions in Sydney will need to carry out the separation process with precision as this is one of the most important steps and if fails to carry it out properly, your natural eyelashes might stick together and can their normal growth cycle will be hampered. 

Furthermore, if the professional fails to perform the separation process, gaps will be formed in the lash line leading to irritation and itching in the eye. 

So, the professional will always avoid this mistake by using the correct tools such as curved forceps, etc. to get into those places that are hard to reach and by staying attentive during the process. Additionally, they will never pull or pluck your eyebrows that might cause pain. 

  • Not Applying the Gel Patches Properly

This is another mistake that the professional carrying out the eyelash extension in Hoxton Park will never make because the incorrect placement of gel patches can lead to complications during the most important step, which is the separation process. 

  • Not Customising the Lash Sets 

Since not all lash extensions will match your face, the professional carrying out the procedure will need to choose the one that perfectly matches your face. 

Though this mistake is hardly made by the professionals, you should always speak to them about the shape and size of the extensions before the beginning of the procedure and if you cannot choose the perfect extension, let the professional choose it for you.

  • Not Providing Instructions to be Followed After the Procedure

An experienced professional carrying out the eyelash extension in Canley Vale will always provide you with aftercare instructions and skipping this part is clearly a mistake which is also hardly made.

Nevertheless, it is always safer to visit a salon where only experienced professionals carry out the extension procedure because we can assume that they will not make the mistakes that we mentioned here.

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