Exfoliation Before Waxing-Facts You Need to Know

No matter how good quality wax you buy from the market, ingrown hair and acne will likely develop after a hair removal treatment. That’s because skin accumulates dead skin cells and applying wax directly over them can make you prone to itchiness, redness and rashes.  Whether you have sensitive or normal skin, you can’t avoid these painful circumstances until you exfoliate. Yes, exfoliating before visiting a waxing salon in Sydney is the best way to eliminate ingrown hair and make your skin smooth and flawless. Here’s this guide explaining everything you need to know about skin exfoliating before waxing for you to have a quick look. 

Why Should You Exfoliate Before Waxing?

As new skin cells develop, dead skin cells gradually become visible and form a layer on top. While some of them shed naturally, most of them get blended in dirt, sweat and sebum. Although they may act as a protective layer on the skin, but can overstay and make your skin look dull and unsightly over time. Exfoliating once a week can prevent dead cells formation, scaly patches and prepare your skin for hair removal in Wetherill Park.  A good exfoliant not just prep your skin but improves skin tone and make you look youthful. On the other hand, skipping skin exfoliation before waxing can increase the chances of hair breakage, acne, dark patches and ruin your experience altogether. 

Effective Methods to Exfoliate Your Skin Before Waxing

When it comes to trying different methods of skin exfoliation before hair removal in Bossley Park, you need to first analyse your skin type to get the desired outcome. Try out the most suitable one from the list below and make full body waxing a pleasing experience.

  • Gloves

Using exfoliating gloves is an effective way of reducing ingrown hair and making skin ready for hair removal in Liverpool. Being self-reliant, these gloves remove dead skin layers gently from the surface and mitigate chances of redness post hair removal in Sydney. Giving a gentle rub once in every three days can work like wonders and make your skin smooth and youthful.

  • Body Scrubs

Body scrubs meant to exfoliate skin before waxing in Liverpool can prevent ingrown hair to a great extent. If you come across traces of black spots on your skin, it might indicate that hair hasn’t broken through the skin’s exposed surface. Body scrubs are gentle exfoliators that prevent ingrown hair and you may use it either daily or once in every two days before booking a hair removal appointment in a reputed waxing salon in Sydney

  • Brushes for Facial Cleansing

Dry brushing or facial cleansing is a popular choice for skin exfoliation before waxing in Smithfield. It works well for acne-prone skin but salon experts usually recommend clients to avoid exfoliating with active fluid-filled sac as they spread bacteria fast and make your skin prone to rashes and allergies. If you prefer using a dry brush, invest in one that is easy to wash and can last for years.

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