Eyebrow Tinting Tips for Long-lasting Results

A freshly tinted pair of eyebrows can certainly uplift your look, providing a polished and suave appearance. But, like it or not, without proper brow tinting in Liverpool, it can either make or break your look. So, to ensure that your brow tint stays the way it should and lasts the test of time, you need expert guidance on it. In this blog, we’ll discuss what to avoid when you go for eyebrow tinting and what to do.

Avoid Using Tanning Spray 

After you’ve done a brow tint, steer clear of tanning spray, whether it’s from a salon or self-tanner around the eyebrow area. These products can not only cause the tinting to fade prematurely but cause unnatural colour tinting as well. This not only ruins the purpose of the products but also makes you look the way you didn’t intend to.

Steer Clear of Excessive Moisture

While it’s crucial to keep your eyebrows clean, it is also equally important to avoid excessive moisture for the first 24-48 hours after eyebrow tinting in Liverpool from a reputed salon. Sweat, water or steam can cause tinting to fade away or appear patchy, Do not engage in activities like swimming, intense workouts, taking steam/sauna baths, etc. Always use gentle cleaning methods around the brow area, and pat dry them with a soft towel.

Follow Our Aftercare Tips 

Our experts at Browz and Beauty by Usha recommend you follow three essential aftercare tips for post-eyebrow tinting sessions. These include:

  • Try to protect your brows as much as possible from sunlight by wearing caps or hats and using SPF-infused brow products.
  • Avoid rubbing or even touching your eyebrows, as these can lead to uneven fading of the tint
  • Schedule regular touch-up appointments to keep your eyebrows in desired shape and colour

Things To Do For Maintaining Shaped and Tinted Brows

In addition to brow tinting in Liverpool, follow this guide to ensure bolder and more defined brows. Here are the steps:

  • Consult a professional brow artist or beauty salon like ours to determine the ideal shape and thickness of your brows
  • Regularly maintain your eyebrows by threading or waxing to remove unwanted hairs and achieve cleaner lines
  • Fill in the sparse areas with a brow pencil or powder to make your eyebrows look fuller and more defined

The Bottom Line 

By following all of these tips and dos & don’ts of eyebrow tinting, you can achieve stunning eyebrows that are long-lasting too! Remember, along with all of this beauty regime, proper care and maintenance are equally important. Besides, you need to follow a healthy diet and drink enough fluids to flush out the toxins.

Put On a Distinct Look With Eyebrow Tinting in Liverpool

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