How Would a Reputable Salon Reduce Pain While Waxing?

Before we discuss the ways that a reputable waxing salon ensures reducing the pain of their clients, let us discuss what waxing is. Waxing can be defined as a process of temporary hair removal. It includes using hot wax for removal of the hair from their very root. The advantage of waxing over other techniques, like shaving, is that it lasts much longer. In fact, following proper waxing, skin stays smooth for up to six or more weeks.

One factor that may keep individuals sceptical about waxing, is that they may feel a slight stinging sensation while being waxed. However, again, it will depend on the expertise of the experts who are into providing the service. Here are the ways waxing salons would ensure painless hair removal of their clients.

They will engage the best professionals

One of the advantages of visiting a reputable waxing salon in Wetherill Park  is that they will appoint the best experts, who have years of experience under their belt, for waxing. They will not only use the best techniques but also the best products and tools to deliver waxing that is almost painless.

They would exfoliate the areas to be waxed

Another technique that they will apply is exfoliation of the area. In fact, this is one of the most effective ways to reduce waxing-related pain. Proper exfoliation will help remove the dead cells, the presence of which could make the process more painful. They would use just a gentle scrub or a loofah to exfoliating the area. However, they would not overdo it, as it will irritate the skin. Proper exfoliation of the skin will make the process of waxing more effective.

They will turn the nerves numb

Unwanted hair can be nuisance, especially when it has a tendency to growing back pretty fast. Thus, for those looking for a long-lasting hair-removal method, waxing is surely the most effective method. Thus, one good way of ensuring less pain is to turn the nerves ‘numb’. They generally do it by applying numbing creams or ice packs on the area, just before the waxing session.

Reducing Acidity

Those who smoke or consume caffeine too much will have more acidity in their body. Waxing will be more painful for them. For them, the experts would suggest delaying the waxing session. They would also suggest reducing consumption of citrus fruits, wine, tomatoes, and vinegar.

They would suggest delaying the sessions of women waxing in Wetherill Park to ensure it’s a more or less painless process.

They would use the right type of wax 

Mainly, two varieties of wax are used by experts for waxing – cold and strip. Strip wax is applied, which can then be removed from the skin using a paper strip. Cold wax, on the other hand, can be applied but needs to be left dry before they can be removed. So strip wax removal is generally more painful than removal of cold wax, as it would drag the hair out right from their root.

Cold wax, on the other hand, is comparatively gentle as a blend of hard waxes, which are specifically designed to act gently on skin. So the experts would prefer using cold wax for removing hair rather than hard wax for reducing pain.

So these are the tactics that our professionals from Browz and Beauty by Usha would use to ensure that the patrons would face less pain. Get in touch with us to book an appointment.

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