How To Maintain Skin Smoothness After Hair Removal?

Hair removal does not take much time. But maintaining the smoothness of your skin after removing the hair can be challenging. However, by following a few steps, you can retain the smoothness and this is the topic of our discussion today. So, if you are keen on learning about how you can keep your waxed skin flawless for quite a few days, this is the post that you should follow.

  • Exfoliate a Lot

If you want your skin to be smooth and radiant after hair removal in Liverpool or any other Sydney suburb, you need to exfoliate. 

Your skin needs to breathe. But if it cannot, even if it’s waxed, the smoothness might be replaced by coarseness. This occurs not only due to non-exfoliation but also due to the friction with the clothes that you are wearing. So, breathing space for your skin is a must if you want to preserve its smoothness.

  • Avoid the Application of Harsh Chemicals

If you have sensitive skin, you need to avoid the application of harsh chemicals such as deodorants. You can apply some amount of moisturiser, but any other cleaning agents can cause irritation and make your skin rough. But if you are not sure about what moisturiser or cleaning agent to apply, talk to your aesthetician since she can determine the characteristics of your skin and recommend the right products.

  • Avoid the Application of Heat

After a hair removal in Sydney or any of its suburbs, you need to avoid the application of heat on your skin. 

Heat can cause inflammation and irritation, especially if the skin is devoid of hair or if it’s sensitive. So, taking precautions beforehand is always important. However, after discussing with your beautician, you can apply some lukewarm water to your skin to make it look refreshing.

  • Avoid Sun Tanning

Do you want to keep your skin looking flawless and smooth after waxing in Sydney or any of its suburbs? Avoid sun tanning then since UV rays can do more damage to the waxed skin. In addition, after you have waxed your skin, try wearing clothes made of cotton as they are breathable and protect your skin from direct sunlight.

  • Avoid Touching the Waxed Area As Much as Possible

Yes, skin smoothness after a wax can be quite appealing and you or your partner might want to touch the waxed area quite often. However, if you want to preserve the smoothness, you must avoid it as much as possible.

Our hands and other parts of the body contain bacteria, and if it comes in contact with hairless skin, it can cause irritations. Now, it’s not possible to not touch the skin at all! Still, try touching the area a few times only!

  • Avoid Soap on the Waxed Area to Prevent Dryness

Is your skin dry by default? After a hair removal in Wetherill Park, you should avoid using soap then. 

You can use products with minimal detergents or similar agents. But the best decision is to ask your beautician about the soap that you should use.

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