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What Makes You Think Your Eyelash Extensions Are Not UP to The Mark?

Application of eyelash extensions is a tricky affair. You need to opt for the best specialists for that. If not, it may lead to a series of issues. On this page, let us discuss the signs that unmistakably states, your eyelash extension application was not particularly of top quality. In other words, what are the signs of bad eyelash extensions:? Let us see. 

Redness or soreness in the eyes: Ideally, professionals applying eyelash extensions in Hoxton Park would have the extensions installed in a very meticulous way, using the best tools and techniques and using the best glue. Though they would not apply water on their face for the next 48 hours, the eyes remain absolutely unaffected. Therefore, when you find your eye turning red and they are itching if they are sore, it will indicate a red flag about the extensions. Definitely, they were not applied properly. 

You are not able to brush through the extensions: Ideally, high quality eyelash extensions should be seamless to touch. In other words, you will feel virtually nothing when you run the brow brush through the extensions. However, that is not always the case. At times, you will find that you are not able to run the brush through the extensions and they feel stiff and crispy. This means the extensions were not applied not applied properly, and the lashes have actually overlapped each other. It is not all well for the glue as well. It will never be the case when you have the extensions installed by reputed experts dealing with eyelash extensions in Sydney and suburbs. 

The extensions are laid out in an Erratic fashion: Ideally, the eyelash extensions have to be installed in an orderly fashion, having a perfect symmetry with their natural counterparts. That’s what happens when you have had it done by a qualified and reputed expert who is into applying lash extension in Sydney. Unfortunately, that does not always happen. You will find your eyelash extensions gone haywire after installation, and there is hardly any symmetry between the two layers. Again, that’s a signature of imperfect installation of eyelash extension. 

There is a feeling of uncomfort: When you have the eyelash extensions installed by the best professionals, you will NOT FEEL ANYTHING! Ideally, you should not feel at all that you have a set of artificial eyelashes installed on your natural lashes. And the two rows should seamlessly gel with each other. However, that is not the case when the application is of poor quality. It will not look that seamless as people can make out the difference between the two, and it will not feel comfortable. In fact, you will get a feeling of discomfort. That is the reason, you need to opt for a quality salon in Sydney offering eyelash extension to its customers. 

So, to avoid all these ills, you must opt for none other than Browz and Beauty by Usha, if you are in and around Sydney. We have the best professionals offering eyelash extensions that will spruce up your looks and personality without all these hiccups. Call us now to fix an appointment. 

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