Some Pertinent Questions About Eyebrow Tinting You May Raise

If you are a first timer considering eyebrow tinting to enhance your looks, personality, and overall presentability, a few questions might cross your mind. You might feel a sense of scepticism or a tinge of uncertainty as you get yourself to the nearest beauty salon that offers eyebrow tinting in your area. On this page, we try to discuss the answers to those probable questions that you might be fiddling with in your mind on your way to the beauty salon.

What precisely is eyebrow tinting? 

Eyebrow tinting is all about applying a semi permanent colour to your brow hairs, which define, shape, and even darken your eyebrows. When the professionals conducting eyebrow tinting in Wetherill Park use a brow tint instead of just filling in your brows with brow gel or pencil, the little hairs surrounding your eyebrows get dyed, giving the illusion that they are longer, thicker, and more defined.

How long does it take? 

The process of tinting eyebrows usually takes 10 to 15 minutes. However, depending on the type of business you visit (i.e., a short, one-and-done kiosk at any mall or a fully fledged beauty salon), the entire session may take up to forty minutes.

How is eyebrow tinting performed?

Depending on the style of the spa or studio you visit, the procedure of eyebrow tinting in Liverpool will appear different, but overall, it’s a quick and simple consultation. In order for your brow expert to custom-mix the dye to match your skin colouring and eyebrow goals, you will first have a conversation about your desired results (such as noticeably darker brows or more defined brows).

After removing all oils and makeup from your brows, your technician will apply a thin layer of petroleum jelly to the corners of your brows to prevent skin stains. The professional will prepare your skin, apply the dye to your brows, and let it sit for five to ten minutes. Then she will remove it with a damp paper towel or cotton swab. After the dye is taken out, your brows will appear bolder and fuller.

How fast will the results show up? 

The effects of brow-tinting in Sydney conducted by your salon can be pretty instantaneous. It’s one of the few beauty therapies that offers you immediate, satisfying results with no downtime. Just be aware that following the procedure, the skin behind your brows may be slightly discoloured, which may briefly give the appearance that your brows are thicker or bolder than they actually are. However, the stain will usually go away after a few days and not be very apparent.

How long will the results last?

The usual duration of eyebrow tinting is three to six weeks, after which the dye will gradually dissipate. In other words,your brows will be at their best, be the freshest, and be the most well defined during the first two weeks following treatment. However, after two weeks, they will gradually start fading and will entirely fade over time.

However, the results can last a bit longer if the tinting is done by a better professional. Hence, get Browz and Beauty by Usha for the best and longest-lasting results. Call us to book an appointment with us.

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