The Do’s & Don’ts to Follow Post Undergoing Waxing Treatment

Whether you choose to opt for a bikini wax or a full body waxing, you should probably have an idea of what to do and avoid post undergoing the treatment to protect your skin from infections, allergies and all possible discomforts. Waxing is by far the most effective hair removal method and leaves you with smooth and flawless skin.  If you have invested sufficient time and effort to get smooth hair-free skin, you should strictly adhere to these DO’s & DON’Ts to make the most of your investment.

  • Things You Shouldn’t Wear

Post undergoing waxing in Liverpool,you must ensure not to irritate the affected areas by wearing skin-fit clothes and allow skin pores to breathe. Wearing loose clothes is the best way to prevent friction or rubbing in the newly waxed areas and protect the smoothness of your skin for long.  Choose to wear baggy shirts and soft-fabric clothing for the first few days to keep away from chafing and red bumps.

  • When to Exfoliate 

While exfoliation is immensely helpful before undergoing a waxing treatment, the same can lead to irritations and bumpiness if not treated on time. Exfoliating before hair removal in Fairfield can loosen the pores and prevent the growth of ingrown hair. Before booking a waxing appointment, try using an exfoliation cream and a warm shower to make skin ready for the process. Wait for a week or two after the treatment and then apply a suitable exfoliator if you wish to.

  • What to Apply on Your Skin

Waxing makes skin ultra-sensitive and so it’s important to ensure the products you use post the treatment are safe for skin and mild. Avoid using artificially scented products or coloured lotions, soaps as they contain harsh chemicals and try to keep your skin free from irritations or allergies. Salon experts offering hair removal in Liverpool always recommend using milk soap for the first few days until the pores are healed. 

  • Protect Your Pores

Once you have successfully got your skin waxed, choose a shower over a steam bath for the first 15 days. Skip the idea of steam bath as it can irritate the skin pores and make you susceptible to infection, allergies and redness. You should also avoid hitting the beach as your pores will be open to infections. To be on the safer side, stay away from steam post hair removal in Wetherill Park and switch to cool water temperature to keep your pores protected and healed.

  • Don’t Hit the Gym

Salon professionals offering waxing in Bonnyrigg always suggest avoiding intense workout sessions after waxing as sweat can irritate the skin and cause redness and infections. Frictions from workout sessions also attribute to unwanted skin irritations such as itchiness and thus, it’s wise to avoid the gym for the first 1 or 2 weeks to keep your PH balance undisturbed. 

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