What Shouldn’t You Do After a Deep Cleanse Facial?

A facial in Sydney¬†is the best way to pamper yourself after a hectic weekend and keep your skin radiant and youthful for months. Whether you are a working professional or a homemaker, there’s no better way to care for your skin than opting for a deep cleanse facial every month, if not weekly.

A deep cleanse facial from Browz and Beauty by Usha can work wonders for your skin. The gentle strokes of salon professionals and unique massage techniques remove impurities such as dead cells, dirt etc. and leave your skin fresh, glowing and hydrated.

You might wonder, what’s the secret of the long-lasting glow post a deep cleanse facial? If you avoid doing a few things, you can certainly retain the benefits.

Things Which Are a NO-NO Post a Deep Cleanse Facial

Avoid Applying MakeUp for at least 6 Hours

‘Can I apply makeup after a deep cleanse facial in Liverpool?’ This question might pop up repeatedly in your mind and the answer to this is a NO. Ideally, you shouldn’t apply makeup or any product for at least 6 hours. This is because facials open up your pores and anything applied to your face can irritate your skin. You would certainly not want that. Additionally, when you apply makeup, serums or moisturisers, your skin gets little space for breathing and thus, you should avoid using any product and leave your skin empty for at least 6 hours post a deep cleanse facial.

DON’T Go Out in the Sun

Your skin undergoes thorough cleaning and healing after a deep cleanse facial and going out immediately after facial treatment in Bonnyrigg can make your skin vulnerable to harmful UV rays. If you want to retain the benefits of this facial for months, you must avoid direct exposure to sunlight. On the day of undergoing this facial, the salon experts will apply a branded SPF moisturiser and recommend you leave your skin as it is. They will also ask you to apply SPF containing moisturisers while going outside to ensure you get the best results from your facial treatment.

Avoid Touching Your Skin Frequently

A deep cleanse facial leaves your skin soft, glowing and refreshed and you may wish to enjoy the freshness by touching your skin frequently. But this is a big NO. You need to leave your skin with the products the salon experts have used so that they continue to serve their magic. You need to give your skin some time to rejuvenate. Additionally, your skin will benefit from not having dirt or germs transferred from your hands. For long-term results, avoid picking on skin and try using skin wipes, especially for a few days following your facial treatment in Liverpool.

Stay Away from Chemical-Containing Skin Products

The first 5-6 days after a facial treatment, your skin remains vulnerable to irritations. The exfoliation that occurs during the process exposes the underlying layers of the skin, thereby increasing sensitiveness. Thus, rely upon the power of the work the salon professionals did on your face and avoid using chemically-enriched products at home for at least 5-6 days after a deep cleanse facial treatment in Sydney.

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