Common Problems Faced After Lash Extensions and Their Solutions

Though eyelash extensions can make you even more attractive, they can sometimes cause problems. Well, there are several reasons for their occurrence which we will discuss here. With that, we will also be taking a look at some of the solutions.

So, if you are in Sydney and researching eyelash extensions and the after-effects of the same, this is the discussion that you will need to follow.

Brushing the Extensions Causes Irritations

The reason for this issue is the usage of too much glue. The application of the same causes the eyelashes to stick together which also causes discomfort. Moreover, the over usage of glue can lead to breakage of the lashes. So, in this condition, it is necessary to book an appointment with a professional performing eyelash extension in Sydney.

If you have DIYed the lash extensions, the beautician will remove the same and reattach fresh ones or will recommend a cure.

The Eyelash Extensions Twist or Poke Your Eyes

If the extensions that have been applied are too long, they might twist and poke your eyes, thus causing irritation.

The only solution to this problem is to remove the eyelashes totally and then reattach them again which can only be done by a professional aesthetician.

The Lashes Are Looking Unnatural

The reason why the lash extensions are looking unnatural is that either they have been attached inappropriately or the length has not been properly selected. Therefore, it is important to choose an extension that properly suits your eyes.

There are no solutions to this problem other than replacing the attached lash extensions in Sydney. For this, you will need to book an appointment with a professional.

You Experience a Burning Sensation in Your Eyes

The cause of this problem is multi-faceted. Indeed, burning in your eyes can take place if the lashes have not been attached properly. At the same time, over usage of glue can also lead to this problem. However, it can also be that the lash extension is not suiting your eyes.

To resolve the problem, you will need to get yourself checked by a physician or an aesthetician. Besides, if you face eye allergies frequently, you should inform the beautician before she starts the lash extension process.

The Lash Extensions Are Not Lasting More Than a Week

If you are noticing that your lash extensions are not lasting more than a week, it might be that the professional has not applied the full set of lashes or might have applied inferior quality glue. With that, they have to be attached properly. Therefore, if you want to avoid these from happening, you need to book an appointment with well-known professionals performing Sydney eyelash extensions.

The Lashes Are Simply Causing Discomfort

This type of problem generally occurs if the lashes are of inferior quality.

They are generally made with synthetic materials which can be harmful to the eyes. Therefore, it is important to invest in quality eyelash extensions.

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