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When and Why Do Some Eyelash Extensions Get Too Sticky?

Whether you have applied eyelash extensions all by yourself or let an aesthetician attach them for you, stickiness at times in your eyes is something that might have already experienced. So, today we will be discussing a few reasons why they get too sticky. We will also be giving you an overview of certain situations that can lead to this stickiness.

After going through this discussion, you will be able to make the right decisions if you are in Sydney or Fairfield considering the fact that you are facing eyelash extension stickiness.

  • Usage of Low-Quality Glue

Professionals who perform regular eyelash extensions in Sydney recommend that you should use high-quality glue for attaching these products. Otherwise, after a couple of days, you will find the extensions to be sticky, making you uncomfortable.

If you are getting the extensions done by beauticians, make sure you ask them to use high-quality glue since they do not make eyes sticky.

  • Inaccurate Glue Application

When attaching an eyelash extension in Sydney, you need to make sure that you are applying the glue accurately to the tip. Similarly, if a beautician is doing the same, she needs to apply the glue in the right place. But if this condition is not met, the extensions can get sticky.

In most cases, it has been seen that putting more glue than needed and not applying it correctly before attaching them to your eyes can lead to stickiness.

  • Incorrect Eyelash Attachment

Apart from applying the glue correctly, not attaching the eyelash attachment following the conventional procedures can also lead to stickiness.

If you are attaching the eyelash extensions all by yourself, you need to have firm hands. Though, in most cases, the application of the same is being done by an aesthetician.

In this scenario, the professional will need to be attentive and make sure that she is not making a mistake. Remember, an improperly fitted eyelash extension will not only become sticky but can also cause eye discomfort.

  • Eye Infection 

Professionals performing eyelash extensions in Fairfield suggest that before you go for the eye product, make sure you don’t have an eye infection. Because if there is one or if you are allergic to the glue, you can experience stickiness. Moreover, the condition can exacerbate and medication and other treatments might be required to cure the problem. Therefore, you will need to be a bit careful before going for lash extensions.

  • Dirt and Dust Accumulation on the Lashes

Strange it might sound but it is true. Accumulation of dirt and dust combined with sweat on the eyelashes can lead to them becoming sticky. So, even after the extensions are applied, you will need to clean your eyes following the methods that your beautician has suggested.

  • Visited an Average Salon

If you visit a reputed eyelash extension salon in Sydney, you will never experience stickiness. That’s because the beauticians in these places follow the correct lash extension techniques and use premium glue.

So, now that you know the causes of the problem, making the right decision or doing the needful will become easier.

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