Top Hair Removal Myths Busted – A Generic Overview

No other beauty treatment carries as much myth with it as hair removal. And, none of these myths  guides those interested in the right direction.  Hence, it is high time that these myths are busted once and for all.

There is nothing wrong in tweezing the ingrown hair

People have a perception that they can opt for tweezing of the ingrown hair during hair removal and there’s nothing wrong with it. However, that is a misconception and far from correct .

Picking, tweezing and squeezing ingrown hair can result in irritations and this can even lead to infection. Thus, never tamper with ingrown hair. To avoid ingrown hair, it is better to opt for laser hair removal. That’s what our hair removal experts in Wetherill Park like anywhere else would suggest.

Regular Hair Removal will lead to growth of thicker hair 

Just because normal shaving leads to growth of thicker hair, people would think that hair removal will do the same. But again, that’s just a myth!

Structurally, hairs taper down towards their end, but when they are shaved, the hairs develop a blunt shape, which appears deeper and feels thicker. This is where, hair removal by the hair removal professionals in Liverpool will make the hair thinner and thinner till the growth diminishes completely.

If you have low pain tolerance you should not opt for hair removal

People believe that hair removal is so painful that if you have a low pain tolerance you should not opt for hair removal.

Again, it is just a myth. Experts in hair removal in Smithfield will use all their expertise as well as experience to come up with some seamless hair removal that will not cause too much pain save for some uneasiness that can easily be ignored.

You need to comprehensive aftercare, following hair removal 

Some people think that you need to take comprehensive aftercare following hair removal and this thought deters them from availing the service.

Yet again, this is just a myth. The reality is not much after care is needed except for the first few hours, when the skin remains sensitive and there is little redness.

It takes a long time

People are of the opinion that waxing takes a lot of time. However, that is not correct. It does not take more than an hour or so for the hair removal experts in Hoxton Park to come up with complete hair removal.

It has nothing to so with hygiene

People think that hair removal is just …..hair removal and it has nothing to do with hygiene. It is wrong. You need to get rid of this misconception. Hair removal is hygienic. It keeps the pores clear and clean and keeps skin in the pink of health.

You need to go to the best hair removal experts in Sydney. What better name can you opt for, than  Browz and Beauty by Usha? We are the best in the business. Just call today to book an appointment.

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