Why It’s So Important to Clean Eyelash Extensions?

Most women believe keeping eyelash extensions away from water can prolong their lifespan and keep them in top shape; however, this statement has no practical relevance. Lack of routine cleaning and maintenance will make your lash extensions fall out at a premature stage and make your effort and investment completely useless. Therefore, it’s quintessential to deep cleanse your lash extensions not just to control early fall outs but avoid skin infections, irritations and growth of lash mites. Yes! You read it right!

Eyelash extensions indeed, make your eyes look voluminous and glamorous but maintaining them in good shape isn’t a cakewalk. If you are fond of makeup, you need to follow a routine skincare regime to maintain your eyelash extensions in Wetherill Park in top shape. Dead skin cells, dirt and eye makeup accumulate in lash lines and this build-up eats up the glue of your lash extensions and break it down over time. 

What Causes Lash Extensions to Fall Out Prematurely?

Lash glue should be kept clean to maintain it’s a strong bond with lash extensions. Dirt and debris in lashes weaken the glue and result in premature shedding of natural lashes. To prevent any such mishap, you must schedule a refilling appointment after every 2 weeks and avoid wearing mascara, eyeliner or any other eye makeup as it can make it even more difficult and messier for the technician to remove them.

Benefits of Routine Lash Cleansing

Eyelash extensions can spruce up your facial appearance and give you a celeb-style look provided you take good care of them. Cleansing eyelash extension in Liverpool should be an intrinsic part of your regular skincare regime if you want to extend their lifespan. Clients who wash their lash extensions regularly experience zero skin irritations or breakouts compared to those who don’t cleanse at all! 

Secondly, regular cleaning of lash extensions by an expert-recommended lash cleanser can prevent dirt build-up or accumulation of makeup residues around lashes and improve the health of your natural eyelashes too. However, avoid using oil-based cleaners as they can weaken the bond between your natural lashes and eyelash extensions in Sydney and result in early fallouts.

How Do You Clean Your Eyelash Extensions Without Damaging Them?

Well, if you lack time and patience to visit an eyelash extension salon in Bonnyrigg, you may follow some tried-and-tested tips to clean your lash extensions at home. For that, all you need is a cleanser specially formulated for your eyelashes, a fluffy brush and water. 

Start by dispensing some amount of cleanser in your hand and mix it thoroughly with water. Use a brush to sud up the mixture and then apply it thoroughly on your eyelash extensions in Smithfield. Make sure to apply the mixture evenly to your lashes and coat from the tip to all way down to the lash line. Brush along the lash line with gentle hands to remove any dirt-build up that might be sticking in between the eyelash extensions in Fairfield. Once your eyelashes are cleaned properly, you can rinse off with water until soap scum are all wiped off. Lastly, dry your eyelashes using a paper-towel and comb back with a clean and dry brush. Repeat the process to the other eye and you will be all done!

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