How Do Seasonal Changes Affect Your Skin?

Does your skin suffer a lot during season changes? Perhaps you aren’t the only one. People often believe that routine skincare can eliminate skin problems, but practically speaking, weather changes can impact your skin and cause blemishes, flare-ups, dryness, followed by other problems if you don’t opt for facial in Liverpool.

Give this blog a thorough read to know how season shifts affect your skin and what you should do to restore the glow.

As the days get shorter and weather turns drier with fall’s return, you may notice some abrupt changes, such as your skin may seem tight and drier than usual, or if you have oily skin, your pimples may be more inflamed than usual. According to salon experts, these adverse changes are likely caused during weather transitions and can take a toll on your skin if you don’t opt for weekly facial treatment in Wetherill Park.

While there’s nothing you can really do about seasonal changes, you can easily flip your skincare regimen and undergo facials to avoid the adverse consequences. Skin tends to freak out during these phases, so you should take proper measures to ensure your complexion stays in top shape.

How Does Your Skin Change with Seasons?

Seasonal shifts are accompanied by a slew of environmental changes. Humidity fluctuates with temperature changes and pollens, allergens, microbes are highly activated during these transitional phases. All these allergenic substances take a toll on skin and especially people with sensitive skin, suffer the most. 

During the scorching summer months, people with oily skin undergo excessive sweating, leading to bacterial growth and foul odour, followed by rashes in sensitive areas. With the advent of spring, the humidity levels in air further accentuate and dust particles get trapped inside the pores, making your skin heavier and oily. Humid climate aggravates the production of sebum and sweat, which block the pores and causes pimples. Thus, your skin undergoes pigmentation, irritations, and redness during summers and gradually turns pale.

Summer to Winter Changes on Skin

The sudden drop in humidity and temperature can be a shock to your skin. During freezing cold months, the pores struggle to match the moisture levels, which further aggravates when you are at work. If your skin lacks moisture for too long, it starts appearing dull, dry and pale. Your make-up can even crack without adequate moisture. What you can do to restore the glow is undergo facial treatment in Sydney at least once a week and keep your skin hydrated. 

Avoid common conditions of rashes, dermatitis to protect against flare-ups and seek recommendations from salon specialists for satisfactory results.

It’s vital to keep both your skin and body hydrated with an effective skincare regimen. Use hydrating products that would restore the moisture balance and ease your skin from tightness. It’s equally important to get the right exfoliant after facial in Sydney and use it after 4-5 days to ensure dead skin cells are successfully removed. 

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