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Questions You May Ask Your Eyebrow Salon Before Brow Threading

If you are looking forward to visiting an eyebrow salon in Sydney or elsewhere for bow threading, you must opt for the best, for not only will the beauticians there provide some astounding results, but will resolve all your queries, if you are a first timer. Here on this page, let us discuss the queries you have in regards to brow threading. 

What is eyebrow threading? 

This is the most obvious question to ask, if you are a first timer. When you visit a reputed Eyebrow Salon in Fairfield or elsewhere the expert will thoroughly explain to you what precisely is eyebrow threading and what exactly you can expect during the session.

Is there any difference between eyebrow waxing and threading? 

This is another very common query that you may have, for many first timers. The expert at eyebrow salon in Fairfield would caringly explain the difference between eyebrow threading and waxing. They will explain that eyebrow waxing is extraction of the eyebrow in clusters from their follicles using the specialised wax, and therefore is pretty painful. Threading on the other hand, is all about removal of individual hairs carefully, using an especially formed knot of thread, and hence is less painful. 

Is there any definite measurement that has to be followed? 

This is another very obvious question that you may ask. And the eyebrow threading specialists in Sydney would explain to you who they follow a definite measurement, taking into consideration the shape of your eyes, and that of your jaws. 

Is threading the only way of eyebrow shaping? 

Certainly not! Besides threading, you have waxing, tweezing, razoring or shaving. When you visit an eyebrow threading salon in Sydney or its suburbs, the specialist out there will explain each of these eyebrow shaping methods, explaining the pros and cons of all the other methods of eyebrow shaping. At the same time, the experts would explain them how each of these methods differ from each other, and why eyebrow threading is the best method. 

Why microblading is not a feasible option? 

 Microblading is not at all a very feasible option for eyebrow shaping. These Brow Threading specialists in Fairfield will explain why microblading is not a feasible option. They would state that there are two detrimental reasons behind not indulging in microblading. The main reason is that, Microblading can lead to serious damage to eyebrows, which may include permanent scarring as well as infection, which will permanently damage the brow follicles, and thus, create complications. 

Will the eyebrows get thinner with age? 

The experts will explain why the eyebrows will thin out with age. Their growth may become dormant and may stop totally. Also, if you have hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism, that may also affect your eyebrow growth. However, the experts will also explain that it is important that you keep your eyebrows in shape, and hence, should look for a reputed beauty salon. 

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